ETH ETF Approval Could Trigger WienerAI ($WAI) Surge

ETH ETF Approval Could Trigger WienerAI ($WAI) Surge

The SEC recently approved Form 19b-4 for the spot ETH ETFs, but trading will begin only once the SEC approves the S-1 forms in several weeks.

This is huge news for the crypto industry, especially ERC-20 meme tokens. $MOG, $PEPE, $FLOKI, and $MEMECOIN all increased in the past week by 51.65%, 36.32%, 2.61%, and 1.90%.

ETH meme coins performance in the last week

Another ERC-20 token that raised over $2.78M in presale is WienerAI ($WAI). Investors have staked over 2.8B tokens with a 366% APY, which could turn $1,257 into $5,857 in one year.

The project is worth $0.00071/token but make sure to use our link, as there are many fake websites out there.

When the ETH ETFs start trading in a few weeks, we estimate a bullish phase for crypto, especially the Ethereum ecosystem.

Let’s discuss the SEC’s approval of ETH ETFs and how it influences WienerAI’s potential.

Why Do ETH ETFs Matter, and What Are the Implications?

Spot Ethereum ETFs should increase the liquidity of the ether market by providing more buyers and sellers. More liquidity can lead to more stable prices and less volatility, making ether more attractive to ordinary investors.​Investopedia

Ethereum ETFs would provide exposure to $ETH for non-crypto investors in a regulated and accessible market.

This may increase the price of $ETH as fund providers will need to buy the crypto to sustain ETFs on the stock market. The same happened with Bitcoin in January 2024 after the SEC approved $BTC ETFs. It grew by 65.49% in two months.

Bitcoin’s growth after the SEC’s ETF approval

ETFs allow people to invest in Ethereum without owning the cryptocurrency, lowering the entry barrier for investors and spiking demand.

It’s also unavoidable that some of Ethereum’s newfound popularity will turn to ERC-20 tokens that offer significant rewards, like WienerAI.

The approval of $ETH ETFs may also lead to other ETFs in the future, perhaps even meme coin ETFs like a $DOGE ETF.

This could send the meme coin market to bigger gains, with the projects garnering more trust among seasoned investors.

$WAI Slated for Success as the $ETH ETFS Are Approved

Investors have bought over $14,000 $WAI in the last 21 hours, putting the total raised capital at $2.78M. Once WienerAI raises $3,066,049M, the token price will also rise.

$WAI purchases in the last 21 hours

According to our WienerAI price prediction, the token might hit $0.0045 post-listing, a 535% increase from the current price. With enough community support, it could reach $0.01 by 2025.

The project’s trading bot brings AI-enhanced trading, seamless token swaps, MEV protection, and zero fees.

With the $ETH ETFs approved and trading starting in a few weeks, it’s only a matter of time before ERC-20 tokens like WienerAI grow in price.

WienerAI’s $6.9B token allocation for DEX/CEX liquidity is crucial for the project’s long-term stability and trading flexibility once it’s listed on exchanges.

Investors looking to buy WienerAI should visit the token’s official website, connect their wallet to the widget, select the amount of $WAI to buy, and confirm the transaction.

The $WAI tokens will arrive on the website wallet, and you’ll receive them once the presale ends.

You can also stake the tokens for 366% APY, locking them for a specified period. After that, vesting will begin and you’ll receive the staking rewards and initial allocation.

To Conclude

The SEC’s approval of $ETH ETFs is a significant milestone for the crypto industry, as it could have important ramifications in the space (like future ETFs).

ERC-20 tokens might experience a bump in the coming weeks, especially presale projects like WienerAI. With more investors turning to Ethereum, many are looking for other promising tokens with long-term potential, and $WAI offers 366% staking APY.

Don’t forget to DYOR before investing: read the whitepapers and roadmaps, check the community sentiment, and understand the project’s goals. Don’t invest in anything you don’t believe in.

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