Crypto Expert Predicts Dogecoin ETF is Next After SEC Ethereum ETF Approval

Crypto Expert Predicts Dogecoin ETF is Next After SEC Ethereum ETF Approval

On May 23, the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) approved spot Ethereum ($ETH) ETFs. Earlier this year, the SEC approved Bitcoin ($BTC) ETFs and ETPs, following a long battle with crypto advocates. Experts speculate that a Dogecoin ETF might be next.

Given the recent revival of meme stocks like GME and the ongoing meme con frenzy, it would be a prime opportunity to bring the original meme token to the masses, further democratizing crypto investment. 

As Shiba Inu-themed tokens continue to ride the hype wave, the success of the Dogeverse ($DOGEVERSE) presale is a given. With over $15M raised, the presale will end on June 3, presenting the last chance to capitalize on the growing mainstream interest in meme coins. 

The Ethereum Ecosystem Is Booming 

Crypto prices are susceptible to broader market forces, including news like the $ETH ETF approval. $ETH’s 22.13% rapid weekly price increase shows strong investor confidence in the token and its ecosystem. 

Ethereum price trend
Source: CoinMarketCap

Other ERC-20 tokens followed suit:

$ETH’s upward trajectory is expected to continue.

Spot ETFs offer a familiar financial vehicle for traditional investors who might have previously avoided crypto due to perceived risks. This could lead to a significant influx of new capital into the Ethereum market, driving prices of ERC-20 tokens up. 

Why Might $DOGEVERSE Be the Next Dogecoin ($DOGE)?

Apart from following the Doge theme, $DOGEVERSE stands out as the first multichain meme coin

It simultaneously runs on Ethereum, Solana, BNB Chain, Avalanche, Polygon, and Base and offers seamless network interoperability. This translates into lower gas fees, faster transactions, and unlimited use cases. 

In other words, $DOGEVERSE shares the spirit of the original $DOGE but adds utility to the mix.

The leading crypto educational platform 99Bitcoins calls $DOGEVERSE one of the best meme coins to buy now due to several factors:

  • Positive community sentiment: The presale generated significant excitement, raising over $15M. Dogeverse’s X account counts 21.5K followers and continues to grow. 
  • Future-proof approach: Multichain architecture ensures Dogeverse doesn’t rely on a single network’s performance or adoption. 
  • High staking APY: Early investors can stake $DOGEVERSE immediately with up to 51% dynamic APY. This means you can earn an extra 8,225,806 tokens if you buy $5K worth of $DOGEVERSE now and stake them for a year. 
  • Great timing: The upcoming $DOGEVERSE listing is right in time for the new Dogecoin mania and $ETH ETF approval, which could potentially drive its price up.

On a sad note, the Dogecoin dog Kabotsu died on May 24 after 14 happy years as a meme and a loving pet. This unfortunate event could potentially unite the $DOGE community, further increasing the token’s value. 

The presale will end in nine days, presenting the final opportunity to buy $DOGEVERSE at a below-listing price of $0.00031 per token. 

To buy Dogeverse, visit the presale website, connect your crypto wallet, select your network, enter the number of tokens you wish to buy, and confirm the transaction.

Final Thoughts 

$ETH ETF approval sparked speculations that we may soon see a $DOGE ETF. This paves the way for wider adoption of crypto in general and meme coins in particular. 

$DOGEVERSE captures the playful spirit of $DOGE but boasts real-world utility. As the presale end nears, we’re excited to see what the future holds for the first multichain meme coin. 

As always, we remind you to DYOR and never invest more than you’re prepared to lose, even if a project has strong potential. 

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