Launch HN: AgentHub (YC W24) – A no-code automation platform

Hey HN,

We’re Rahul and Max, co-founders of ( We automate repetitive workflows for businesses using LLM-powered automations. Our platform lets you build and host these automations to emulate employee workflows in a scalable way. Here’s a demo video:

We started 9 months ago while lurking in the Auto-GPT discord and seeing thousands of non-technical users struggle to clone the repo or set up their environments. We were excited by the concepts of Agents so we built and deployed a (very ugly) web app within a few days so anyone could experiment. We started to see people literally begging the Agents to complete simple tasks and giving up due to cost/frustration. Seeing the type of relatively simple work people were trying to automate with AI was the catalyst for what we ended up building.

We decided to make a drag-and-drop automation builder so these users could piece together their ideal automations instead of begging the agent to do that same task and failing. V1 was a borderline un-usable series of drop down menus but evolved into the canvas based workflow builder it is now.

It’s somewhat similar in concept to Zapier or except we’re aiming to automate much more complex work end to end instead of just speeding up simple tasks. We originally described it as Zapier on crack but as it’s gotten more complex, some people compare it to existing RPA platforms like UI Path. We like to call it an ‘LLM-based Intelligent Automation Platform’.

Our biggest challenge from the very beginning has been balancing usability and complexity. We wanted anyone to be able to understand it while still being powerful enough for people to get creative. Building the framework has been an extremely iterative process of users getting confused (for good reason) and us tweaking our approach. We still have a ways to go in terms of usability but are proud of where it’s at. Eager to hear your feedback!

Here are 3 template automations we built to give people a starting point. I think the real beauty of the platform is how personalized the automations users create are but these general templates give a nice idea of how it works.………

These templates are on the simpler side. Our power users nest automations, trigger them via webhook and have them running at a pretty surprising scale. The highest we’ve seen was last Friday with a single user running 5k automations within a few hours. The unofficial record before that for most automations runs was one of our users who discovered infinite-recursion by accident, but that doesn’t count.

We have two main types of users at the moment, people automating their existing businesses work and people using the no-code builder to build new ideas. The first was our original intention, letting any semi technical person in a company spot inefficiency and quickly get a solution deployed to address it. The second and more unexpected type of user has been non-technical founders spotting problems and being able to build APIs to serve niches they’ve found without needing to code.

It’s called AgentHub because I bought the domain for 10 dollars on day 2 of building when I thought we’d be a hub to host and share agents and never bothered rebranding. If anyone wants to take a crack at a better name, we’d be interested!(I speak kind of quickly and people think I’m saying ‘asian-hub’ pretty often…

We’re really excited to share the platform with you all and look forward to your feedback!

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