Pictory GPT for Videos brings AI-powered video creation to ChatGPT

Turn ideas into videos in minutes with Pictory’s New Custom GPT –

Simplifying Video Creation For Marketers

Pictory launches custom Pictory GPT to simplify video creation for marketers. Take a simple idea like, “Create a video about preventing climate change that is 1-2 minutes long” and transform it into a FULL video in minutes.

Pictory is the AI-powered video creation platform that offers the simplest script-to-video converter. Alongside the GPT feature, we’re hitting the ground running in Q1 with many other exciting new user-friendly features to support small business and enterprise marketing teams.

These include the availability of additional languages for video narration and a feature that will turn PowerPoint presentations into professional-looking videos in minutes. 

Looking ahead, a further slew of products are set to be released throughout the rest of 2024, quickly following Pictory’s 2023 collaborations with Getty Images and ElevenLabs text-to-speech software.

Pictory Users: The Latest Stats

● In 2023, Pictory had almost 2 million unique users who created 5 million videos

● Some users logged in 18 million times throughout the year

● The average time to create a video with Pictory is 28 minutes

Pictory’s innovations are making it even easier for businesses to create professional videos that engage and inform their audiences. With Pictory, corporate teams can now produce and share professional videos in minutes without hiring costly video editors or learning how to use complex video editing software. Pictory is transforming the way businesses communicate through video by turning written content into professional videos effortlessly – in the same way that Canva transformed graphic design and content creation.

Videos have revolutionized how people consume content, and according to research, 80% prefer videos over written text or audio. Using Pictory takes away the mystique and complication of video creation, offering affordable monthly plans for individuals and marketing teams. It caters to a wide audience including universities, colleges, small businesses, educators and B2B marketers.

Pete Bennett, Head of Growth at Pictory AI says: “Our mission at Pictory is to democratize video creation for an even more seamless creation experience. What sets Pictory apart is our commitment to creating a user-friendly experience. It’s not just a video editing tool, we’re breaking down barriers and making video creation accessible to everyone and our continual evolution will continue to keep Pictory at the forefront of AI-powered video creation”.

Pete emphasizes the untapped potential of unused content already available to businesses, stating, “Valuable content often goes unnoticed on websites or remains buried in archives. Pictory aims to unlock this potential, transforming it into assets that can be monetized.”

Pictory, invented by a team of talented engineers, has been expanding rapidly since its launch in 2019. It has a growing roster of clients, from small start-ups to stand-out international brands and educational institutions, including Walmart, BCG, APU, Hawaii USD, Kajabi, and Chegg.


About Pictory

Pictory’s focus is meeting the needs of businesses, and with a commitment to innovation, it always stays ahead of the curve. With tools that empower enterprises large and small to harness the power of video creation, Pictory is the cost-effective solution that helps companies build their brand, convert more business, and increase engagement. 

Pictory is based in Seattle, WA, and was founded by a group of entrepreneurs, engineering innovators, and marketers. Since 2019, Pictory has made it quick and easy to repurpose long-form content into short, highly-shareable branded video ‘snippets’ which are perfect for sharing across social media platforms.

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