Top Crypto Gainers on November 30 – IOTA, THETA, And INJ

As the month of November wraps up, it could go down in history as a pivotal month for a possible bull run in 2024. Although the crypto market retraced briefly, Bitcoin is trading close to the $38,000 price level after finding support at $37,000. 

Crypto analyst Mike Novogratz is bullish on Bitcoin’s chances in the market.

He predicts that BTC will return to its all-time high of $69,000 once the ETF receives approval early in 2024. So, the trading sentiments remain positive, pushing many assets to earn more value today, November 30.

Apart from the positive sentiment, these top gainers rely on community strength and developments to record impressive gains.

IOTA (IOTA) – The Open Data Transfer Protocol 

IOTA’s price on November 30, at 8: 50 a.m. EST, is $0.225, with a slight decline in the last 24 hours. Even with the slight decline today, IOTA has gained 26.4% in the last seven days. 

IOTA’s gains this week are likely due to its status as the first DLT foundation registered with the Abu Dhabi Global Market. 

IOTA is the first #DLT Foundation regulated with @ADGlobalMarket in #AbuDhabi 🇦🇪! The new #IOTA Foundation will be seeded with over $100 million in $IOTA tokens to support and accelerate the growth of the IOTA ecosystem.


— IOTA (@iota) November 29, 2023

So, the new IOTA Foundation will be supported with over $100 million in IOTA tokens to support and boost growth in the IOTA ecosystem. IOTA hopes to grow from a DLT network to an L1 blockchain that is EVM-compatible.

This expansion in the Middle East will likely drive IOTA’s value. However, on the daily chart, it faces a possible decline. 

IOTA Facing Rejection At the $0.257 Price Level: What Next For The Token?

IOTA formed a Maribouzu candle on November 29, flipping the $0.201 resistance level to support. However, it faces rejection at the $0.257 resistance level, forming a red candle on the chart today. 

Also, IOTA has dropped below the median band of the Donchian Channel (DC), expressing a bearish trend today. 

This drop is also evident from the Relative Strength Index (RSI) indicator, which is dropping to the neutral zone with a value of 62.77. If the RSI drops to 50, IOTA will likely record further decline in the coming days. 

Based on the indicators, IOTA will likely return to the $0.201 support in the coming days if the sellers persist. 

Theta (THETA) – A Decentralized Peer-to-Peer Video Streaming Network 

THETA’s price at 8: 56 a.m. EST is $1.04, with a 6.9% increase in the past 24 hours. Also, THETA has gained 10.9% in the past week as the buyers continue to mount pressure on its price. 

Theta Network’s introduction of the Theta EdgeCloud is likely aiding its price gains in the past week.

Introducing Theta EdgeCloud: The 1st hybrid cloud computing platform built on a fully distributed edge architecture, designed to serve the compute needs of video, 3D rendering, AI, and more. The evolution of Theta Metachain and the Edge Network, coming in 2024.…

— Theta Network (@Theta_Network) November 22, 2023

The Theta EdgeCloud is the first hybrid cloud computing platform that is built on a fully distributed infrastructure. So, it will handle videos, 3D rendering, AI, and so much more. 

According to the developers, it is the next-generation technology built on the Theta Edge network and the Theta Metachain

Some goals are to increase video demand globally, boost AI adoption across industries, and provide quality computing services. On the daily Chart, THETA shows positive moves as the buyers target new price highs despite resistance. 

THETA Shows Signs Of Recovery. Is a Break Above $1.03 Possible?

THETA has found support at $0.95, forming three consecutive green candles on the daily chart. Although THETA faces resistance at $1.03, the long-upper wick of today’s candle suggests that the buyers are attempting a break above this price level. 

Also, the RSI value is rising to 63.88, close to the overbought zone above 70. If the RSI moves above 70, then THETA will likely break above the $1.03 resistance level.

Although the Moving Average Convergence/Divergence (MACD) indicator is below its signal line, it will likely retrace in the coming days. The fading red Histogram bars hint at a trend reversal. 

Therefore, if the buyers sustain their charge, THETA will likely break above $1.03 in the coming days. 

Injective (INJ) – The Optimized Blockchain For DeFi Applications

At 8: 59 a.m. EST today, INJ trades at $18.05, with a 7.5% increase in the last 24 hours. Additionally, it has gained 16.4% in the last seven days, benefitting from the positive outlook of the crypto market. Remarkably, Injective has released the first native Injective Wallet Ninjiwallet.

This wallet boasts unique features that will simplify users’ experience and broaden the scope of blockchain finance. Also, the INJ token burns are increasing scarcity in the ecosystem and boosting the tokens’ value.

Injective has integrated the first native Injective wallet, @ninjiwallet 🥷

Ninji Wallet brings a set of unique features with the goal of simplifying user experience for exploring the future of finance.

— Injective 🥷 (@Injective_) November 28, 2023

According to the developers, since the Mainnet launch in 2021, new token burns are organized each week in a decentralized model. 60% of fees collected on dApps built on Injective go through a buy-back and burn auction powered by the Injective community. 

So, the introduction of INJ 2.0 and dApp on Injective can contribute to the token burns. Remarkably, over $65,000 worth of INJ tokens were burnt on November 29. 

Also, the OKX crypto exchange listed the INJ/USDT pair today, November 30, which will likely lead to further gains for the token. 

INJ will likely record up to 350 million on-chain transactions based on the ongoing activities in its ecosystem. Furthermore, Truflation, a decentralized exchange, planned to launch the first futures liquidity commodity index on injective. 

So, Injective’s framework and Truflation’s data streams and price feeds will give users access to trade commodities, metals, and indexes. Due to these diverse developments, INJ has shown massive gains on the daily chart in the past few days and will likely continue on its rally.

INJ is approaching $17.9 resistance. Will the buyers prevail?

INJ has formed a large green candle on the daily chart after using the $16.5 support as its pivot point. It faces resistance at the $17.9 price level, although the buyers are determined to continue the rally. Also, INJ is trading above the Parabolic SAR indicator, which is a bullish signal that hints at further price increases. 

Additionally, the RSI indicator is rising to the buy zone with a value of 61.91. If the RSI increases to 70, INJ will rally even further, breaking above $17.9 to reclaim the $18 psychological price level in the coming days. 


>>>Visit TG.Casino Presale<<<

TG.Casino is a hot crypto casino that’s making waves on popular websites like and The team recently began selling their own special money called $TGC.

This project stands out because it has cool new ways of working and handling its money, making it promising.

In just two months, the $TGC presale has gotten more than $3.1 million! But now, it’s getting even more attention because top experts like Poe. eth and Eric Cryptoman think it’s one of the top cryptos to get right now.

This casino works through Telegram, so people can easily play games right from the Telegram app.

TG Casino looks like it has everything it needs to contend against Rollbit in the coming weeks.

Over 2000+ active players

Team is KYC’d at @AssureDefi

Stunning UI

No KYC needed@TGCasino_

— POΞ.eth (@Poe_Ether) November 21, 2023

This is cool because Telegram keeps everything private and safe, and there are tons of people already using it. There are loads of games and sports events to bet on. Plus, just like Injective Protocol, TG.Casino has some awesome ways its money works. 

If you have $TGC, you can play special games, get free stuff, get back 25% of what you lost, earn a lot from staking, and more. TG.Casino also does something neat where they use some of the money they make to buy back $TGC tokens. 

They’ll destroy 40% of them and give 60% to people who have the tokens, which makes them worth more and rewards the holders. Right now, you can buy $TGC for $0.17.

But there’s not much left before they hit the maximum amount they’re selling. So, if you want to get it at the best price, you’ll need to act fast!

Bitcoin ETF Token – High-Potential Project Driven by ETF Approval Buzz

In a little over a month, there’s a possibility that Bitcoin ETFs might be approved. This could make tokens associated with this trend profitable soon. Among these tokens, one called Bitcoin ETF Token stands out.

It has a unique feature where it destroys 25% of its supply at specific milestones linked to Bitcoin ETFs. 

>>>Visit Bitcoin ETF Token Presale<<<

This makes it quite rare and potentially valuable. Additionally, it has a 5% tax on transactions, making it scarce and boosting its price. For early investors in the presale, there’s an attractive offer of a 127% APY through staking.

However, this reward decreases as more people join in. Additionally, the project intends to share the most updated Bitcoin news on its webpage.

This could, in return, build a sturdy community that will support the token even online. Notably, the token launched in less than three weeks, but its presale has already accumulated more than $2 million. This massive success could be attributed to the support major media outlets such as Yahoo Finance, Cointelegraph, and are giving to the project. 

Considering the positivity so far, the future of the Bitcoin ETF tokens is promising. For instance, if regulatory authorities give the Bitcoin spot ETF a go-ahead order, there could be a massive influx of dollars into the cryptocurrency market.

If that happens, we can mark that point as the beginning of BTCETF’s upbeat.

At the moment, the $BTCETF token looks well-positioned to gain from this future speculation, giving investors an alluring chance in the ever-changing crypto-ETF prospect.

If you are interested in Bitcoin ETF Token, join the Telegram channel to receive news and crucial information concerning the upcoming authorization of the spot Bitcoin ETF.


Despite the slight retracement today, November 2023 has been a bullish month for most cryptocurrencies. With positive speculations surrounding the market and its survival after the Binance scare, December could also follow the bullish trend. 

Some investors are still accumulating crypto tokens, although early investors are profiting. Therefore, presale tokens can offer investors opportunities to diversify their holdings. 

However, risk management and proper research are essential for all financial investments. 

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