Binance Halts XRP Withdrawals Through XRPL, Sparking Fear Within the XRP Community

The pressure is gradually scaling higher in crypto as more incidents erupt around the world’s largest crypto exchange, Binance. The exchange has suspended XRP withdrawals through the XRP Ledger platform.

The recent action has created panic within the XRP Army as many expressed displeasure through tweets on the X platform.

A prominent personality in the crypto community, Edward Farina, the Head of Social Adoption at XRPHealthcare, recently reacted to the suspension. 

Farina called out to XRP investors to remove their XRP coins from centralized exchanges to circumvent future issues related to withdrawals of their funds.

BREAKING: 🚨🚨🚨🚨#Binance has SUSPENDED the withdrawal of $XRP.

Get your crypto out of exchanges!!!

— EDO FARINA 🅧 XRP (@edward_farina) November 29, 2023

Similarly, an XRP enthusiast known as “XRP Whale” on the X platform tweeted about the development surrounding Binance’s XRP suspension. XRP Whale put up a panic statement, asking, “What is going on?”

🚨BREAKING: $XRP withdraws have been suspended on Binance!

What is going on?😱#XRP 🚀🌖

— XRP whale (@realXRPwhale) November 29, 2023

While reacting to the development, another prominent member of the XRP community, Mason Versluis, made an outstanding indication. He tried to clarify a long-existing concept regarding Ripple and XRP. While doing that, Versluis mentioned that Ripple and XRP are different entities.

He advised that crypto platforms should avoid interchanging Ripple if they want to refer to XRPFor instance, Binance called its suspension withdrawal network ‘Ripple’ when the exchange reference is the XRPL.

Ripple is a US-based blockchain tech and payment company, while XRP is the native crypto token of the XRP Ledger.

However, Ripple is the firm behind the XRPL network. Additionally, Versluis stated that the misattribution of Ripple and XRP influenced the US regulator’s classification of XRP as a security.

To make a clear distinction, Versluis said,

Ripple is not XRP. XRP is not Ripple.

Explanation Behind Binance Suspension Of XRP Withdrawals

A statement from Binance’s official website threw more light on the exchange’s recent halt of XRP withdrawals. Notably, Binance engages in periodic system maintenance of its wallets in different networks. According to the information, such performances could impact deposits and withdrawals on the Binance platform for some particular crypto assets.

Despite any interruption through the process, the exchange still provides accessibility of trading services for any impacted asset for its users. This was the situation that affected XRP, resulting in its suspension via the XRP Ledger.

Moreover, the screenshot shared regarding the suspension of XRP withdrawals mentioned that Binance witnessed high withdrawal volumes. So, the exchange halted the outflow to avoid long wait periods due to numerous transactions coming simultaneously.

Further, Binance assured the crypto community that instances of suspensions of withdrawals shouldn’t create fear. It was just a contrary situation for the XRP Army that went into panic. The exchange noted that it still supports XRP withdrawals through other blockchains like the BNB Smart Chain (BEP-20) and Ethereum ERC-20.

Impressively, at the time of press, Binance no longer shows the suspension tag for XRP withdrawals. This indicates that the exchange would have completed its maintenance processes related to its XRP wallets. 

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