Apecoin Price Prediction: APE Shows Green Today – Is $2 Mark On Sight?

Today, November 30, Apecoin (APE) is seeing positive growth, as indicated by the green candle in its price. At 7: 45 a.m. EST, ApeCoin is trading around $1.63.

Enthusiasts are optimistic about the possibility of Apecoin reaching $2, reflecting positive sentiment in the market. Considering the price growth and excitement, there’s a possibility of the coin reaching the mark.

But if the present sentiment isn’t sustained, it might be difficult.

Recent Apecoin Price Action

Until now, APE hasn’t offered much for those hoping to make quick money this year from the crypto market. Its price has been going down steadily since the beginning of the year.

However, things took a turn in November when momentum shifted. The market movement changed, and the bullish investors became active.

They attempted to reverse the downward trend and push the price upward. This shift has sparked renewed interest and optimism among investors. Looking at CoinMarketCap, Apecoin has gone up by more than 17% in the last month. 

In recent weeks, it’s still doing well and showing positive momentum, going up by more than 12%. 

Even in the last 24 hours, the buyers are still in charge, pushing the price up by 4.4%. All these movements suggest that the buyers are strong in the market, and there’s a lot of interest in buying.

As a result, the upcoming BTC halving could positively influence the price of Apecoin (APE). 

Apecoin Price Prediction: Bullish Signals and Key Indicators Point to Potential Upside Movement

Apecoin (APE) is currently in an interesting position as it sits above both the 100- and 50-day Simple Moving Average (SMA) indicators. These SMA lines marked in blue and yellow act as robust support levels. 

This implies that the coin is bullish in the shorter time frames. Meanwhile, the 200-day (red line) is above the APE/USDT trading pair. According to the chart, there has been an attempt to breach, but it was unsuccessful due to the bearish sentiment.

Impressively, the coin is now retracing back toward this level. The 200-day SMA is critical, and the coin’s movement around it could be significant. Examining the chart, there’s an observation of a bullish flag pattern, indicating a potential upward trend. Breaking through this level might signal a bullish sentiment in the market.

 The Moving Average Convergence Divergence (MACD) indicator adds to this positive outlook. It’s currently above the signal line, and the histogram bars display a green color, indicating upward momentum.

Investors and traders alike should keep a close eye on the market to see whether Apecoin can successfully breach the 200-day SMA.

If it manages to do so, it could signify a strong bullish trend, especially considering the support from the 100- and 50-day SMAs and the bullish flag pattern. However, the market is highly volatile, and caution is always advisable in cryptocurrency trading.

Yesterday, November 29, Apecoin shared on the X platform about what’s happening inside Apecoin’s ecosystem and Governance Working Group (GWG). The first insight was based on the Apecoin Improvement Proposal (AIPs).

The team shared that the community should prepare to vote for three significant AIPs this week. This proposal could potentially shape the future of Apecoin. In addition, today, there’ll be an election for Stewards overseeing Metaverse and MarComms.

Notably, every vote will play a crucial role in deciding who leads these aspects of Apecoin’s ecosystem. These community-driven initiatives and elections hold the potential to impact the native coin, Apecoin, significantly. 

If the future plans turn out to be good, more investors will be attracted, potentially increasing demand. Ultimately, the decisions made through AIPs and the selection of stewards can influence the direction, policies, and overall health of the Apecoin ecosystem.

As always, traders should not depend on this to buy tokens, as the crypto market is never stable. But diversify your portfolio with an assortment of assets, including those on presale like TG.Casino might be a good move.

Apecoin Potential Alternative – TG.Casino

A cool new company in the web3 world, TG.Casino, is getting a lot of attention from investors. The project made over $1.3 million in its presale, selling a special token called $TGC. 

People are eager to buy these tokens, and the price is expected to go up by 10% in less than 8 hours.

TG.Casino wants to sell 40% of all their tokens in this presale, aiming to get at least $5 million due to people’s excitement about the GambleFi industry, TG.Casino is already doing well, and the presale might sell out quickly.

TG.Casino: Live and Thriving in Web3 – A Game-Changer in Crypto Presales

>>>Visit TG.Casino Presale<<<

TG.Casino is different from other presales because the team already has their main product up and running. Most presales make investors wait for months to see if the team can deliver on their promises.

But TG.Casino is already live and creating a lot of excitement in the web3 world.

A popular crypto influencer, cheat coiner.eth tried TG.Casino and shared it with followers. TG.Casino is integrated into the messaging app Telegram with over a billion users. This could bring in a million new users to the web3 space.

Even though the presale isn’t finished yet, TG.Casino has added the token to its main gambling platform. Users betting with the token get a nice 25% cashback on their losses, paid weekly.

Although the presale started a few weeks ago, almost half of the funds came in the first week as more people got excited about the project. 

With investors being able to use $TGC tokens in TG. Casino, get cashback on losses, and benefit from staking; the protocol might raise funds even faster from now on. Notably, investors can still buy the token using USDT or ETH at a low rate of $0.17. Also, they can visit the project’s official website to learn more.

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