Google’s Bard AI to Revolutionize Your YouTube Experience

Google's Bard AI to Revolutionize Your YouTube Experience

As Google continues to empower its AI chatbot, Bard, brace up for an all-new experience as you hook on to YouTube. The recent upgrade is all set to revolutionize how we consume YouTube content, as the chatbot has been integrated with a sophisticated extension.

We’re taking the first steps in Bard’s ability to understand YouTube videos… We’re expanding the YouTube Extension to understand some video content so you can have a richer conversation with Bard about it.Google

The latest development enables Bard to extract valuable information from videos without having the users hit the pause button. While YouTube users would be happy with this new feature, it poses potential concerns for content creators.

This announcement comes after Bard’s initial foray into YouTube video analysis, as it launched YouTube Extension in September.

YouTube Extension for Bard Becomes More Powerful

In the past, the sole purpose of the YouTube Extension for Bard was to locate particular videos, like seeking recommendations for humorous content.

Now, with the recent update, Bard is capable of responding to more specific queries about actual content inside the videos.

For instance, imagine watching a travel vlog on YouTube. Suppose you spot a great location and want to know more about that place. You can simply request Bard to detail that place without having to search for it on Google separately.

The upgrade comes at a time when YouTube has been exploring new features in generative AI. This AI conversational tool has been designed for YouTube and is capable of answering questions about the content on the platform.

It works on LLM, tapping into information from the web as well as YouTube to produce answers. As a user, you can carry out real-time conversations with the AI to elicit more details on the video you are viewing.

YouTube also carried out experiments with a generative AI-backed comments summarizer tool. It organizes different topics discussed in the comments section, where users can get a concise overview of the conversation being carried out.

Interestingly, this update aligns with Google’s decision to expand access to Bard. The big tech company wants to make it available to teens globally.

In a post, the company stated that teens could benefit from Bard to “Find inspiration, discover new hobbies and solve everyday problems”.

With the latest update, Bard emerges as a great companion for teens that can assist them with serious information on their choice of universities along with lighter topics like sports.

While Bard had a tepid start, these advancements reflect that Google has been consistently working on upgrading its AI chatbot with new capabilities. It remains to be seen how these developments affect content creators and how they respond to the new AI features of Bard.

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