AMD’s Ryzen 7000 laptop computer CPU lineup is an overwelming patchwork of old and brand-new

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Four CPU architectures and 3 GPU architectures get mixed-and-matched.

AMD’s Ryzen 7000 laptop CPU lineup is a bewildering patchwork of old and new


A couple of months back, AMD presented a brand-new numbering system for its approaching laptop computer processor refresh. The schema is, as we composed at the time, all at once less and more complicated than one which merely designates a bigger number to a much faster item. It does make it possible to understand precisely what’s in the processor you’re utilizing, as long as you have the convenient decoder ring that informs you which number indicates what. It’s likewise a method for AMD to relabel as “brand-new” a handful of older processors from years past.

There are 5 various CPU series that make up the Ryzen 7000 lineup that AMD is revealing today. Below is the AMD-provided table that informs you what parts each series utilizes, in addition to some extra context

The spec table for each of the five subcategories of the Ryzen 7000 lineup.

Enlarge/ The spec table for each of the 5 subcategories of the Ryzen 7000 lineup.


  • Ryzen 7045 series (” Dragon Range”): For high-end video gaming and workstation laptop computers, implied to be coupled with a devoted GPU. Basically Ryzen 7000 desktop processors repackaged for laptop computers, like Intel’s HX series.
  • Ryzen 7040 series (” Phoenix”): The only brand new chip in the lineup. A Zen 4 CPU integrated with an RDNA 3 incorporated GPU and constructed on a 4nm procedure, this is the flagship for premium thin-and-light laptop computers without devoted GPUs.
  • Ryzen 7035 series (” Rembrandt-R”): Ryzen 6000 with a brand-new name.
  • Ryzen 7030 series (” Barcelo-R”): Ryzen 5000 with a brand-new name. Barcelo was technically released in 2022, however for the majority of intents and functions it corresponded 2021’s “Cezanne” processors. These are the only CPUs in the lineup to consist of an incorporated GPU based upon the aging Vega architecture, and to support DDR4 and LPDDR4 rather of DDR5 and LPDDR5.
  • Ryzen 7020 series (” Mendocino”): Already revealed and introduced, these utilize the old Zen 2 CPU architecture however otherwise are purpose-built from modern-day parts on a modern-day production procedure particularly for low-cost laptop computers.

The 7045 and 7040 series are the most considerable of the brand-new statements. There are 4 of the 7045 CPUs, each representing a various Ryzen 7000 desktop CPU: the 7645 HX is a refactored 7600 X, while the 7745 HX, 7845 HX, and 7945 HX map approximately to the 7700 X, 7900 X, and 7950 X. Each has the exact same quantity of cache as its desktop equivalent, each supports the very same DDR5 memory (significantly not LPDDR5), and the very same standard incorporated GPU.

These chips are a huge action up for AMD’s high-end laptop computer processors, which formerly peaked at 8 CPU cores. AMD states laptop computers utilizing HX-series CPUs will start delivering in February.

The 7040 series is more of an advancement of where high-end Ryzen laptop computer chips utilized to be. They similarly have an optimum of 8 CPU cores, plus the very same GPU architecture as the brand name brand-new Radeon RX 7900 graphics cards. For individuals who periodically play video games when they take a trip or simply desire a video gaming laptop computer that isn’t extremely hot or large, these ought to be more than efficient in playing modern-day video games at affordable settings, particularly for video games with FSR 2.0 assistance.

Overall, AMD’s lineup appears fairly strong and rational, putting aside the patchwork of various innovations included. Both Mendocino and Barcelo-R chips will provide good budget-to-mainstream laptop computer efficiency. Rembrandt-R is still a strong chip, with better battery life than a few of Intel’s 12 th-gen (and most likely 13 th-gen, provided how comparable they are) laptop computer CPUs and sufficient graphics efficiency for some light video gaming on the roadway. We’ll require to evaluate the more recent Zen 4-based CPUs to be sure, however offered Zen 4’s performance and AMD’s current string of strong laptop computer processors, they look appealing.

Regardless, the brand-new numbering plan still feels complicated and finest and gently deceiving at worst. We’ll see if the PC makers create a method to indicate to individuals that they’re getting the “finest” of the Ryzen 7000 lineup, aside from releasing the design numbers and hoping individuals can understand them.

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