EDF UK releases Riverbed’s Alluvio Aternity to tackle IT problems

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Monitoring software application links into ServiceNow and PowerShell scripts are being utilized to automate removal

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Published: 21 Nov 2022 15: 28

UK energy service provider EDF has actually released Alluvio Aternity from Riverbed to enhance the digital consumer experience throughout its business, customer and generation service systems. The software application is being utilized to assist EDF UK to optimise how business-critical applications work on end-user gadgets.

The energy company started utilizing Alluvio Aternity in its contact centres to keep an eye on the end-user experience of its applications. The tool supplies metrics from gadgets, applications and the network into a single-view control panel.

The real-time insight into the status of EDF applications and networks is assisting EDF’s IT department to fix difficulties with the end-user experience, such as bad efficiency of deal processing. One example is with the billing system. EDF’s IT group utilized Alluvio Aternity to recognize that more than 1,000 devices had a variation of Adobe set up that triggered the maker to crash when an expense was opened.

EDF UK has actually likewise utilized Aternity to evaluate the workflows and gadgets that were slowest-performing and required to be changed. The details offered by the tool has actually made it possible for the business to recognize gadgets that required upgrading. It has actually likewise had the ability to verify the enhancements made through such hardware upgrades.

For circumstances, IT utilized Aternity to recognize that there were consistent memory concerns decreasing gadget efficiency. Taking a look at the Aternity system memory report, the IT group found that 3,000 gadgets were utilizing more than 70% of the physical memory they had actually set up. This assisted the IT group to take a various path for enhancing the memory of all gadgets.

Alluvio Aternity is being incorporated with EDF’s ServiceNow Incident Management service management software application. When a gadget sets off an alert, the combination memes that ServiceNow has the ability to gather expose real-time information from Aternity. EDF has actually developed 21 notifies, consisting of 9 system notifies and 8 application informs for hardware. The signals flag, for instance, whether personnel have running system crashes, battery wear concerns, or low disk area.

Microsoft PowerShell scripts are being utilized in Aternity to run automated removal actions on end-user kept track of gadgets. According to EDF, these removal actions decrease the variety of helpdesk tickets and enhance user experiences by determining and repairing problems from another location prior to they intensify.

One of these scripts is fired if Aternity finds that a computer system has actually not been restarted for 5 days and sets off an alert for the user. If the user does not reboot after 7 days, the removal action instantly reboots the gadget. EDF stated that, usually, these actions have actually conserved users 14 minutes of their time, and the assistance group 15 minutes per event.

Donna Lloyd, senior business item supervisor, platforms and enablement, business IT at EDF, stated the business started utilizing Alluvio Aternity to assist it repair IT issues faster by comprehending what lagged latency concerns. This has actually now developed into keeping an eye on gadgets and actively trying to find issue, she stated.

” With Riverbed’s innovation, we have actually totally changed the method we handle IT obstacles,” stated Lloyd. “We have actually moved from being reactive to pre-emptive and now proactive. As an outcome, Alluvio Aternity has actually altered how IT is viewed as a department and has actually eventually offered IT personnel the tools they require to serve our consumers much better.”

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