8 sure-fire methods to mess up your Mac

If there’s something I’ve found out in this life, it’s that the more things you have, the much better. If you have a greater variety of things, fundamental mathematics informs you that you have more cash. And all of us understand that more cash is much better than less cash.

That’s why I live life by this easy mantra: you can never ever have a lot of things.

This does not simply use to daily life, as the very same holds true of your Mac. Yeah, losers might inform you that blocking your Apple computer system with information will cause “issues” and make it “go slower,” however who are these individuals? Actually, who are they? Are they specialists? Who made them specialists? It wasn’t you. Why listen to them?

Really, what your MacBook or iMac requires is to be jammed with as much things as possible. Since, as we discovered previously, the more things you have, the more cash you have. And you desire your maker to be more important?

Well, in this piece, we’re gon na reveal you how to mess up your Mac to the max, so you can attain that lofty objective.

Keep all your unused apps– and their leftovers

Have you ever downloaded a little bit of software application on macOS? Chosen you didn’t like it? And erased it? Shame on you.

Well, ideally, if you did erase the app, you didn’t clear all its settings and associated files? Wait … you did? How monstrous. Entirely monstrous.

Here’s a suggestion: never ever erase your old apps, or any of their information. Consider littles software application as possible antiques– who understands when they’re going to be important? And, much like the product packaging on those old comics figurines, you wish to keep ALL littles the app.

One day, all those random files might be worth loads. And you do not wish to appear like a sucker in the future.

Duplicate each and every file

macos duplicate files
More. More! MORE!

The only thing much better than one helpful file is numerous copies of that precise very same file. I imply, put it in this manner: would you rather own one gold bar, or countless them?

That argument is exactly for your computer system. It’s far much better for it to be teeming with duplicates of files, instead of be sporadic and empty. That’s a reality. A stone nitty-gritty. Would you rely on a bank without any cash? Why trust a Mac with an empty difficult drive?

While you’re at it, never ever erase a thing

That billing from 2007? Keep it. That DMG of an old app. It remains where it is. Countless e-mails you erased however chosen to keep in your area? Your Macbook’s hard disk is a stunning nest for them. Let them rest. Let them end up being better. It’s the best thing to do.

delete icon macos
Never, NEVER touch this.

Don’t do anything about that system “scrap”

Some individuals will state that all those short-lived files your Mac develops that are never ever utilized once again are “scrap.” If somebody states that to you, you have my complete approval to sock them right in the kisser.

There’s absolutely nothing trashy about thousands upon countless files jumbling up your Mac. It’s simply a wonderful indication of aging. You would not inform an effective oak that all the rings in its trunk recording its years of development are “scrap”– so why should you inform your MacBook anything various?

What you’re doing there is developing a museum inside your Apple maker. What some call “scrap” now, future generations will admire.

Cache in the attic

Your computer system runs by saving files it requires quick access to in something called its cache. The concept is that it can rapidly get these littles information whenever you require, making the entire procedure of utilizing your Mac or iMac as smooth as possible.

With this in mind, you might be believing clearing your cache is a great concept. INCORRECT.

Consider a library. Yeah, you can get a book faster if there are just 5 books equipped, however who actually wishes to check out The Da Vinci Code once again?

In truth, a library has numerous countless books, a large repository of understanding– and your cache ought to run in the very same method. Never ever clear it. Keep that Mac jumbled.

Keep that garbage can overruning

You understand what they state: someone’s garbage is another individual’s treasure. From my understanding of this, it suggests you should keep all your garbage, permanently and ever and ever.

It need to remain filled for eternity, growing just larger and larger, up until garbage engulfs your whole Apple device and threatens to, in some way, spill out into truth and overload your home.

If that takes place? Well, you’ve simply discovered yourself a goldmine.

macos clutter up trash can

System backups of your system backups

If you’re reasonable– and likewise major about jumbling up your Mac– then you need to have system backups. And I indicate loads of them.

Ideally, you do not wish to utilize among those expensive tools that make certain you do not have replicate files. You desire the genuine offer. Gigabytes and gigabytes of stunning, gorgeous information, simply jumbling up your computer system.

Every web browser extension on every internet browser

There are countless web browser extensions– and the majority of them are complimentary. What are you waiting for? You ought to be downloading as lots of as you can, on as numerous web browsers as you can.

Hell, if you do not own each and every single web browser readily available, start! You’ve got to ensure your Apple maker has no offered area. Each and every single megabyte should be utilized in order for you to wring every last drop of worth.

And, on this objective, I want you the very best of luck. I understand you’re gon na get abundant doing this.

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