The Very Best Way To Fix A Nintendo Switch Controller That Won’t Turn On

Switch Joy-Con controllers

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The Nintendo Switch continues to be among the strongest-performing consoles economically in 2022, and it’s not a surprise that it’s still getting lots of assistance over 5 and a half years after its 2017 release. ” No Man’s Sky,”” Splatoon 3,” and “Bayonetta 3” are a few of the most noteworthy current additions to the Switch brochure, and you’re going to require a set of Joy-Con controllers to play any of those video games.

Unfortunately for Switch owners, Joy-Cons tend to malfunction gradually with continued usage. A number of things can go incorrect, consisting of the extensively feared Joy-Con drift concern; which makes your controller’s analog sticks end up being misaligned, continuously inputting in an instructions due to the fact that it can not return to. Another problem you might face is a set of Joy-Con controllers that decline to power up or react to your inputs no matter the number of times you try to charge or reboot them. Nintendo of America has actually supplied a repair– if you’re ready to follow the instructions.

Reset your Nintendo Switch controllers

Nintendo Switch


There’s mainly great news here: When your Nintendo Switch’s Joy-Con controllers decline to boot up, you can merely factory reset them, according to Nintendo This procedure is quite easy, and it must work to get you right back into your video game without much (or any) additional trouble.

  1. Find your Nintendo Switch’s air conditioner adapter, ideally the exact same one that can be found in the exact same box your Nintendo Switch was available in. If your air conditioning adapter is lost or harmed, you can merely purchase a brand-new one from Nintendo’s hardware shop page.
  2. Disconnect your air conditioner adapter from the wall outlet and from your Switch or Switch Dock (at the exact same time) for a minimum of 30 seconds.
  3. Detach your Joy-Con controllers from both sides of your Switch, then tap the small black “Sync” button on the sides of both controllers to start reset.
  4. Reattach your Joy-Con controllers to your Switch console.
  5. Plug your Nintendo Switch into the wall with the exact same air conditioner adapter you reset previously.
  6. Tap the onscreen triggers to get to the primary Switch control panel screen.
  7. Navigate to the “Controllers” menu on the control panel, which is shown as a little small controller icon.
  8. Congratulations! You must now have the ability to see both controllers paired and charging.

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