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microformats are HTML for increasing individuals, companies, occasions, places, article, items, evaluations, resumes, dishes and so on. Websites utilize microformats to release a basic API that is taken in and utilized by online search engine, internet browsers, and other website. See What are microformats? for more.

  • See microformats2 for a technical introduction and summary of how to utilize microformats on public websites and for APIs.


This wiki is the main resource of the microformats neighborhood and offers microformats authoring guides, recommendations, requirements, drafts, releasing patterns, research study, conceptualizing, and problem tracking.

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Get begun with microformats:

How to contribute

Want to take part and contribute?

This wiki has a variety of improvements to help advancement and contributions to microformats. Prior to you begin modifying, see the wiki intro page for guidelines.


microformats2 is steady, has a test suite, publishers, and interoperable applications. Utilize it on public websites and establishing more parsers and applications.

Current, steady microformats open basic specs:

rel microformats

Some microformats need just a rel characteristic and are commonly supported by taking in websites and software application.

Classic Microformats

In addition utilize well developed traditional microformats for the main topic of a page for tradition online search engine assistance.

  • adr – address place info
  • Geo – latitude & & longitude place ( WGS84 geographical collaborates)


Drafts are traditional microformats which have differing degrees of assistance by taking in applications. They are steady and yet still available to alter based upon consuming application assistance, per the The microformats procedure to end up being specs.

  • hNews – news short articles, extension of hAtom
  • XMDP – specify a microformat vocabulary/ profile
  • XOXO – details

If you’re lured to attempt your hand at composing a microformat please read the procedure page! and after that have a look at Exploratory Discussions for information of previous research study, analysis of real-world Best Practices for instances Pages, existing formats, and brainstorming of possible brand-new microformats, per the microformats The microformats procedure

Design Patterns

Design patterns prevail usages of markup throughout microformats.


Past specs, drafts, and exploratory conversations which have either did not have (or lost) broad publishing assistance, execution, or have actually been superceded by more recent specifications (see likewise when does it make good sense to bench a microformat specification). These might become retired, deprecated, or reincorporated into other exploratory conversations.



See resources

User centric advancement

Tools, test cases, extra research study

The top place to search for examples, code, and test cases remains in the pages for each private microformat. There are just a few cross-cutting tools and services that require to process more than one microformat. That area is meant for editors, Microformats Parsers, microformats validators, test cases, and other details pertinent throughout numerous microformats.

Microformats wiki translations

You might check out and modify microformats short articles in lots of other languages:

See likewise List of microformats wiki translations, and how-to-start-a-new-translation is a neighborhood concentrated on utilizing an empirical (instead of aspirational) The microformats procedure to research study web information & & info human publishing habits, freely record it on our wiki (, discuss it in #microformats chat( irc://, then brainstorm concepts & & propositions based upon that research study for basic formats based upon HTML to interoperably represent that info online, incrementally carry out, and repeat.

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