Best Gifts for Cyclists That Gearheads Will Actually Use

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If you’re shopping to buy a gift for a cyclist, please don’t buy mugs and socks adorned with bikes and silly phrases. If you really want to knock those socks off your cyclist friend’s feet, you’ll want to get them gear that will make their ride smoother or even a little more fun. For people who ride up to and beyond 100 miles a week, these are the best gifts you can possibly get them.

This gift guide features some of my favorite road-tested items that would make a great addition to the gear pile every cyclist owns. 


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Russell Holly

Headphones are complicated things when you’re on a bike. If they’re too quiet, the world around the bike can drown them out. If they’re overly loud or block out ambient sounds, you risk not being able to hear vehicles around you. The best kind of headphones for cyclists deliver good quality audio while also letting you keep tabs on oncoming traffic. These Aftershokz Aeropex bone-conduction headphones vibrate sound into your eardrums through points on your skull and make a huge difference in how you enjoy music, podcasts or audiobooks when you ride. And if you’re going to give the gift of sound to a cyclist, these are the best.


Polar bottles are common among cyclists, and for good reason. They’re reasonably priced, the insulation works reasonably well and the quick grab ring makes it easy to pull the bottles out of the bike cage when you need a quick drink. You can get Polar bottles almost anywhere, but for a special gift, go with a custom bottle made with either a logo or a totally unique design wrapping the bottle. The prices vary depending on the size you get, but most bottle cages support the larger 24-ounce bottle with no problem and those start at $10. Trust me, you’ll get a big smile out of this one.

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