30% Of Apple Fans Didn’t Realize iPhones Had This Hidden Feature

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Through a number of iOS upgrades, Apple has actually launched many functions for its precious item, the iPhone. In a number of days, we will witness Apple’s September launch occasion, throughout which the business is anticipated to expose brand-new iPhones and the next generation of its os: iOS16 With it, the Cupertino-based tech giant will bring a variety of bells and whistles, however are iPhone users familiar with the functions presently concealed on their gadget?

Every now and then, you may discover a viral video on the web that reveals some secret iPhone function in action. Previously this year, a video of the iPhone and iPad copy-paste technique went viral on TikTok, which lots of users who did not understand about. There are a lot of surprise functions that iPhone users ignore. SlashGear performed a study amongst Apple fans to learn more about these functions, and the outcomes were appealing to state the least.

Some iPhone users did not understand about Notification Summary and Safari Extensions

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In the study, we asked individuals about covert functions on their iPhones. Out of the 592 participants from the United States, 9.80% did not understand they might disable app notices through the Settings menu Did you understand that you can include extensions to the Safari web internet browser on your iPhone? If your response is no, you’re not alone. Our study exposed that as numerous as 19.09% of individuals did not understand about Safari extensions. To include, you might open Safari Settings, tap Extensions, and choose More Extensions to check out those readily available.

Another lesser-known function that iPhone users are not usually knowledgeable about is alert summary. Apple launched the function with iOS 15, enabling users to produce a summary of the notices on their phone and see them throughout a set time. While the function developed some buzz, 15.20% of study individuals didn’t learn about it. An extra surprise function on an iPhone permits users to set time frame for their apps. It is called App Limits and lies in the Screen Time area in the Settings app. Remarkably, 25.68% of the participants weren’t knowledgeable about this function. To remember, Apple launched App Limits with iOS 12 in2018

Last however definitely not least, 30.24% of individuals were not knowledgeable about a function called Handoff. This enables users to switch from one Apple gadget to another rapidly On an iPhone or iPad, users can open Settings, General, AirPlay & & Handoff, and allow it.

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