Sennheiser’s next Dolby Atmos soundbar leakages on Amazon, and it looks wild

Sennheiser Ambeo soundbar in living room with subwoofer

( Image credit: Amazon)

Well, there’s no requirement to wait on IFA 2022 to learn about Sennheiser’s next soundbar in its amazing Ambeo household: you can check out it on Amazon today. Or, a minimum of, you might at the time of composing– we’ll discuss all the essential functions listed below in case it vanishes prior to you see it.

Here’s the listing for the brand-new Sennheiser Ambeo soundbar(opens in brand-new tab) itself, and here’s the listing for a brand-new optional mini subwoofer that chooses it(opens in brand-new tab)

Noticed by user djsimmz and published to AVSforum(opens in brand-new tab), the brand-new Sennheiser Ambeo soundbar includes 7 full-range chauffeurs to provide 3D noise, plus 2 four-inch subwoofers within the bar to make it an all-in-one gadget with excellent bass.

3D noise was the technique the initial Sennheiser Ambeo 3D was so well-known for, however it was huge and enormously costly. It’s still a preferred amongst house theater lovers (and authors) who attempted it, however nowadays the finest soundbars are a lot less expensive and still provide exceptional 3D Dolby Atmos noise, so it’s difficult to advise to many individuals here in 2022.

Which is where the brand-new variation can be found in, most likely. We can’t see a rate at the time of composing, however djsimmz notes a rate of $1,500– which would make it really high-end for a soundbar, however that’s not out of line with high-end one-box alternatives such as the Sony HT-A7000 or Devialet Dione at all.

Sennheiser Ambeo soundbar on white background

Here’s the Sennheiser Ambeo Soundbar Plus– note its essentially all material grille. There’s a lot of noise that’s got to get out. ( Image credit: Amazon)

But here’s where the brand-new Ambeo gets wild. It does not need to be a one-box soundbar. As pointed out above, Sennheiser will seemingly likewise offer the Ambeo Sub, which will be a little subwoofer system with a single up-firing eight-inch motorist. Whereas the soundbar alone will have the ability to reach bass depths of around 37 Hz, the sub will take you to around 27 Hz, according to the Amazon listing.

Sure, including one cordless sub is absolutely nothing strange. How about the reality that you’ll be able to include up to 4 of the Ambeo Subs to work with your soundbar? And keep in mind there are 2 subwoofers in the soundbar itself, still!

The listing states that the Ambeo system will auto-calibrate the noise of the subs to match their placing in your space, so you’ll get an excellent bass balance from the entire setup.

There will likewise be an app that will allow you to personalize sound modes and more for the entire setup. Dolby Atmos and DTS: X are both supported, together with the 360 Reality Audio format, which is rarer. For music, you can stream over Bluetooth, Apple AirPlay, Spotify Connect, Tidal, and Chromecast.

Why 4 subs?

The capability to include several subs to your setup may sound odd, however it’s an indication that Sennheiser is making this brand-new Ambeo to satisfy high-end expectations, in spite of being a soundbar-based system.

The thing about low-frequency noise is that, presuming it’s effectively adjusted and isn’t shaking the walls, it does not really take a trip really far compared to mid or treble soundwaves.

Sennheiser Ambeo Sub components in exploded form

Here’s what’s inside the subwoofer, helpfully exposed by the Amazon page. ( Image credit: Amazon)

I just recently went to a house setup display room with an elite house theater setup– high-end laser projector, sophisticated Bowers & & Wilkins speaker system, comfortable chairs for about 8 individuals … you get it. That system had 4 subwoofers– one in each corner– due to the fact that it’s the only method to guarantee an even, directionless bass that reaches everybody in the space.

So it appears like Sennheiser is truly considering the modern-day house theater fan here. Somebody with a big living-room and among the finest 4K projectors or perhaps among the finest 85- inch TVs, however wishes to have the ability to conceal the subwoofers away quickly– which you can, since the Ambeo Sub takes a look around the exact same volume in size as the sub you get in the ultra-compact Yamaha SR-C30 A

Maybe you do not desire 4– possibly you simply desire 2 for the supreme bass experience from your 55- inch television setup. Or you can simply stick to the integrated bass if you choose things to be neat.

I believe the entire thing sounds genius, and offered the pedigree of the Ambeo soundbar’s heritage I’m anticipating huge things here.

Indeed, you need to question if this isn’t going to take a few of the wind out of the sails of the much-rumored Sonos Sub Mini— the initial Sonos Sub can be utilized alone or in sets, so presuming the Sub Mini is genuine, it had much better deal a minimum of the choice for 2 to collaborate now.

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