Why short-lived tattoo brand name Inkbox is moving its marketing focus to TikTok

Temporary tattoo business Inkbox is turning its attention (and advertisement dollars) to TikTok, in a transfer to enhance brand name awareness and get in front of Gen Z consumers, according to Inkbox CEO Tyler Handley.

TikTok has actually ended up being a line product in Inkbox’s marketing budget plan as it has for lots of other business, consisting of brand names like Studs precious jewelry, Silk foods and Viv duration care, as the platform moves from a nice-to-have marketing channel to an essential. TikTok’s international advertisement incomes are anticipated to strike $1164 billion this year, outmatching Twitter, Snapchat and Pinterest, according to eMarketer.

” TikTok has significantly end up being a focus of our marketing, particularly because the iOS personal privacy updates have actually affected our capability to target customers online,” stated Handley, including that the app represent in between 30% and 35% of Inkbox’s site traffic, up from 10% in 2015.

Within the in 2015, Inkbox has actually tripled its invest in TikTok. The precise information about what the business invests on TikTok are uncertain, as Handley decreased to provide information. Far this year, Inkbox has actually invested at least $300,000 on media, almost doubling the approximated $129,000 invested in 2021, according to Kantar. Those numbers do not represent social networks invest, as Kantar does not track those figures.

When it pertains to method, Inkbox leverages micro-influencers on TikTok, who are talented Inkbox short-lived tattoos and publish a video in return. Presently, the brand name has more than 400,000 fans on TikTok and deals with influencers such as Caitlin Lam, who passes @caitlinnlam and has almost 145,000 fans, and Jenna Evans, who passes @jennxevanss and has 45,000 fans.

” We concentrate on that enjoyable, natural, less refined view of our tattoos and the stories around them on our TikTok,” Handley stated.

Beyond that deal with influencers, Handley stated Inkbox runs Spark advertisements on TikTok, putting paid media invest behind high-performing material. Because beginning its account in late 2019, Inkhouse’s TikTok account has actually been run by an internal team member, according to Handley. Just recently, Inkbox has actually partnered with content production firm Brkaway to ramp up TikTok material production.

Historically, Instagram, where the brand name has 1.5 million fans, was Inkbox’s support when it concerned social networks marketing. In light of information personal privacy modifications and progressively high CPMs, Handley stated Inkbox has actually cut back on both efforts and invest on the platform. At one point, Handley stated CPMs were up 60% year-over-year on Instagram, while click thru rates were down 40%. This indicated marketers were investing huge however not seeing the outcomes.

” Instagram has actually ended up being more of a brand name visual channel than a channel we’re attempting to drive development out of,” he stated, including that TikTok is still a brand name awareness channel for Inkbox. For consumer acquisition, Handley stated Inkbox is leveraging channels such as affiliate sales, SEO and first-party information more so than TikTok.

This technique makes good sense, according to Jake Brannon, senior material strategist at advertising agency Dagger.

Per Brannon, TikTok is rapidly ending up being the location where culture and real-time discussions take place, challenging the community-building qualities of Twitter.” When it concerns real-time, Twitter was long viewed as the go-to platform for brand names to take part in trending minutes,” Brannon stated in an e-mail. “But as TikTok continues to grow and more brand names sign up with the app, it lacks a doubt the best channel for brand names to participate in real-time, trending material with their fans.”

With that stated, TikTok is progressing to end up being more of a consumer acquisition channel for a variety of brand names, Brannon included, making note of trending hashtags like #TikTokMadeMeBuyIt, which presently has more than 20 billion views in the app.

Going forward, Handley stated Inkbox’s TikTok invest will change on a weekly, as-needed basis as the brand name checks out alternative channels, consisting of video platforms like OTT, Twitch, YouTube and others to diversify the brand name’s channel mix.

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