Intel 14th-gen processors might have ray tracing abilities

Why it matters: While the 13 th-gen Raptor Lake CPU release might be best around the corner, Intel fans are currently looking ahead at what the 14 th generation will give the table. A South Korean tech lover has actually revealed info that might shed extra light on Intel’s upcoming 14 th-gen CPUs. According to Coelacanth’s Dream, a graphics compiler discovered in Intel’s GitHub repository wants to consist of components supporting on-board ray tracing performance.

Coelacanth’s Dream published the preliminary finding late recently, highlighting an earlier dedicate that included Meteor Lake to the virtual direction set architecture (vISA) in addition to a spot to the Intel Graphics Compiler (IGC) The updates, which reveal the capacity for on-board ray tracing abilities, would accompany Intel’s currently expected relocation from the Intel 7 architecture to the brand-new Intel 4 node.

According to a short article from Tom’s Hardware, the architecture distinction in between the 12 th- and 13 th-gen CPUs and upcoming 14 th-gen CPUs supports the theory that Meteor Lake will consist of ray tracing hardware. Alder Lake and Raptor Lake both come geared up with 96 Xe-LP(low power) execution systems (EUs). Offered details indicate Meteor Lake differing this architecture and rather utilizing the Xe-HPG architecture, utilized in Intel’s Arc Alchemist graphics cards. The relocation might bring 14 th-gen processors with anywhere from 128 to 196 EUs.

Other modifications kept in mind in the GitHub findings suggest that the 14 th-gen iGPU architecture might do not have the XMX systems present in desktop Xe-cores. While not clearly specified in the GitHub findings, the absence of dot item build up systolic (DPAS) guidelines, which count on Xe Matrix eXtensions (XMX systems) for processing, suggests the systems might be missing out on completely.

The Meteor Lake architecture will mark a departure from Intel’s 10 nm procedure (Intel 7) and the transfer to the business’s brand-new 7nm node, Intel 4. The brand-new procedure node will be Intel’s very first production run utilizing severe ultraviolet lithography ( EUV) system and is anticipated to bring upwards of a 20% efficiency uplift as soon as launched.

Unlike AMD, which has actually discovered success by extending their socket life throughout the Ryzen line of product, 14 th-gen users will as soon as again need to change hardware to accommodate a brand-new socket type. While 12 th-gen adopters might have the ability to utilize their existing motherboards for the upcoming Raptor Lake launch, Meteor Lake adopters will need to make the shift to the brand-new LGA 1851 socket.

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