Google Meet Gets Live Sharing Feature As Google Duo Retires

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Google never ever had a motivating performance history when it concerned messaging platforms, using numerous services and apps at the exact same time, much to the confusion of users. To be reasonable, the business does attempt to ultimately combine those apps, however that just works up until it stumbles onto the next terrific concept and repeats the cycle once again. In the meantime, Google appears to be totally on board with RCS for text-based interaction, even reaching introducing a project to push Apple into lastly supporting the procedure. When it concerns video chat, nevertheless, it is forming Google Meet to be the one video calling service to rule them all, and it has actually currently begun the rather complicated procedure that will eliminate Google Duo’s presence from the Internet.

Google Duo started as an apparent effort to take on Apple’s FaceTime, supplying a user friendly service for individually video calls that dealt with both phones and computer systems. It ultimately got more functions like group calls, however its core focus of almost rapid video talks stayed the very same. With time, nevertheless, the requirements of individuals altered, specifically throughout the COVID-19 pandemic when video calls ended up being more made complex. Google Meet increased to be the basic bearer, handling Zoom and Microsoft Teams, and it no longer made good sense for Google Duo to exist.

Last June, Google revealed that it would basically retire Google Duo, however in a practically ambiguous method: it will be bringing all of Google Meet’s functions into Google Duo, however likewise rebranding Google Duo to Google Meet. That dance started a couple of weeks back, however the story does not end there.

Google Meet gets brand-new functions

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While Google Duo is beginning to vanish from phones, Google Meet is getting a couple of brand-new functions that will assist make group conferences less difficult, Google revealed on its blog site For one, you can quickly begin a video call with a group, a benefit that Google Duo was understood for as long as the contact remains in one’s address book. You can select your background prior to you get on a call, and when within, you have all of the Meet centers offered, such as chat and captions.

The larger news is that Google Meet is getting a live sharing performance that lets individuals end up being more active in a call. Everybody will have the ability to manage a YouTube video or aid curate a Spotify playlist– this can even work for interactive video calls, like when playing video games throughout an ice breaker. Naturally, that likewise works for the less enjoyable material being shared, like discussions and other interactive material.

Google Duo users should not be amazed that the app is altering its name and icon to Google Meet. This brand-new Meet app will have all of the initial Meet’s functions plus Duo’s special functions, like making instantaneous video calls utilizing individuals’s telephone number or e-mail addresses. Google Meet users, on the other hand, can continue utilizing the existing app, the name and icon of which will end up being Google Meet (Original). Users are, nevertheless, recommended to utilize the upgraded Meet app rather if they wish to have the combined powers of Meet and Duo at their fingertips.

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