We’re in love with this dripped Xbox Elite Series 2 controller style

An Xbox Elite Controller Series 2 in white

( Image credit: Nicholas Lugo)

The Xbox Elite Series 2 cordless controller appears like it’s getting a brand name brand-new color variation with a White Edition.

The Xbox Elite Wireless Controller Series 2 has up until now just been offered in its default black color pattern. A brief clip shared on Twitter(opens in brand-new tab) by leaker Rebs Gaming reveals off a brand-new white edition in the flesh.

The clip begins by revealing the premium Xbox Series X|S controller’s box. Next, we’re offered a take a look at the controller itself, which uses a tidy white-on-black coat.

All the normal Elite Controller bells and whistles are represented. That consists of the bring case, swappable analog sticks and personalized back paddle buttons. It appears like the real short article, though we’ve heard absolutely nothing from Microsoft to validate if or when the pad will really be launched.

An indication of pads to come?

Leak: I believe this is our very first video of the Xbox Elite Series 2 White Edition controller. A dripped picture of the controller was revealed by @IdleSloth84 back in March. Source: #XboxOne #XboxSeriesX t97 qbaNPCu August 8, 2022

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Okay, sure, the White Edition isn’t precisely the most bold style Microsoft might’ve picked for its Elite pad. It’s however appealing. I believe that keeping particular parts of the controller black– like the sticks and grips– is a clever visual option. They contrast truly well with the white.

The Elite Series 2 is an outstanding controller. It’s doing not have the one thing that the routine Xbox Wireless Controller has in abundance: color alternatives. We’ve seen many strong styles for the basic Xbox controller, consisting of an eye-popping scandal sheet for Forza Horizon 5 and a sensational hot pink style The Elite hasn’t truly had the very same treatment.

I hope that this brand-new White Edition not just pertains to market, however that it’s likewise an entrance for more enthusiastic styles for Xbox’s leading pad. Seriously, a purple Elite pad would be an instantaneous buy for me, and most likely for numerous others, too.

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