New iPad Air 6: what we wish to see

Apple iPad Air 5

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Even though the latest iPad Air is just a number of months old, we’re currently looking towards the future and towards the next variation of Apple’s mid-range tablet.

This isn’t the next iPad on the method – there’s the iPad (2022), iPad Mini (2022) and iPad Pro (2022) that will likely all come. The Air line is popular for lots of individuals who may not desire those other gadgets.

Apple’s iPad Air tablets sit listed below the Pro line, bringing svelte styles however with not-quite-top-end display screens and processing power. They’re excellent choices for individuals who desire a premium tablet however do not rather require whatever the Pro provides – or do not wish to invest that much.

As we’ve stated, we saw one iPad Air launch at the start of 2022, however Apple is most likely dealing with its sixth-gen variation currently – it might can be found in 2023 however most likely behind that. Here, we’ll information whatever we understand and what we wish to see.

Cut to the chase

  • What is it? Apple’s next mid-tier tablet
  • When is it out? Likely in early 2024
  • How much will it cost? Around $599/ ₤569/ AU$929

In-person images of the ipad Air 2022 in use

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iPad Air 6 release date and rate

We have not heard any verified and even reported info on when the next iPad Air might occur or just how much it might cost, however we can make some excellent guesses.

The 4th- and fifth-gen iPad Airs came 2 years apart, so it stands to factor that the next one will too. That ‘d make the release window the very first half of 2024 – a long time away!

Regarding the cost, it’ll likely cost the very same quantity as the last one – that began at $599/ ₤569/ AU$929 however the expense increased for more storage.

iPad Air 6: what we wish to see

In-person images of the ipad Air 2022 in use

( Image credit: TechRadar)

1. A more unique identity

The most significant issue with the 2022 iPad Air is that it’s simply too near to the iPad Pro. The majority of purchasers will have a hard time to understand which to purchase, or which is finest for them – in truth, it makes the Pro a little redundant thanks to its lower rate.

Apple is going to need to exercise a much better method to make the next iPad Air special, so that it’s not too comparable to the Pro.

Perhaps we might see it get a more mid-range specifications sheet along with a lower rate, to make it more available.

2. More storage

The present iPad Airs begin with 64 GB storage which, for a tablet with a top-end chipset, merely isn’t enough.

That’s inadequate to have actually lots of video games downloaded, or to have loads of files to deal with or modify, therefore it’s not actually clear why this variation even exists.

It makes the rate appear a little disingenous too – sure, the $599/ ₤569/ AU$929 entry rate appears low, however if it’s for little storage area, no-one will really purchase it at that rate.

3. A larger battery

A problem we discovered in the last iPad Air – and most other iPads, if we’re being truthful – is that the battery life wasn’t remarkable. It wasn’t bad, however it definitely wasn’t great either.

If you’re wishing to roam around coffeehouse to do work, or take your iPad to your studio to utilize as a 2nd screen, you actually desire a gadget that’ll last a very long time. Present iPads do not constantly do that.

We ‘d like the next-gen variation to utilize a larger battery – possibly together with some optimizations to squeeze the most out of that power – to guarantee this has a possibility of landing on our list of the finest iPads

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