Hey Apple, the iPhone 14 Needs These New Features

The iPhone 13 and 13 Pro are certainly amongst the finest phones you can purchase in 2022 They provide an excellent combination of outstanding overall efficiency with video camera abilities that can match expert electronic cameras. Report has it that Apple’s iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro are on their method and we’re anticipating a range of modifications, with possible style and electronic camera updates(perhaps even an updated selfie electronic camera).

We do not anticipate Apple’s next iPhone till the fall– here’s whatever you need to understand about its reported release date, cost and brand-new style — so there’s still time for Apple to offer my dream list a read and make certain it ticks whatever off. Since that’s how it works?

In no specific order then, here are my leading expect the iPhone 14.

No notch on the iPhone 14

The notch. It needs to go. Yes, it’s served its function, real estate as it does the front-facing video camera and the different scanners to let you open your phone simply by taking a look at it. And while the notch did get a little smaller sized on the iPhone 13, it’s still a huge portion of screen that’s removed. It’s time for a much better option that lets that screen truly shine.

Perhaps Apple might best under-display cams that exist however basically unnoticeable. We’ve seen that currently on phones from ZTE and Vivo, however the innovation is far from best. There are the strange pop-up selfie electronic cameras seen on some Oppo phones that spring up from the leading edge, keeping the display screen unbroken.

iPhone 13 Pro Max close up on top of screen

The notch has actually outstayed its welcome.

Sarah Tew/CNET

I ‘d even jeopardize with a basic punch-hole service, filling the front with the display screen however simply popping a number of little, less meddlesome holes for the video cameras to peep through.

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In-screen finger print scanner in addition to Face ID

Speaking of things concealed in the screen, let’s pop a finger print scanner under there too. Apple’s Face ID works well for the many part, or a minimum of it did prior to the pandemic hit. Using masks in public is a lot more typical event than it was prior to the pandemic, and prior to the release of iOS 15.4 in March, face unlock just didn’t work without likewise pairing with an Apple Watch. You can now unlock your iPhone while using a mask thanks to the iOS upgrade, I believe Apple ought to still bring back finger print scanning.

OnePlus Nord CE fingerprint scanner

Even on the budget-friendly OnePlus Nord CE you’ll discover a finger print scanner concealed below the screen.

Andrew Lanxon/CNET

In-screen scanning innovation prevails now, with cost effective phones from OnePlus undetectably concealing scanners into the display screen of their phones and I discover that they work practically in addition to physical scanners that were as soon as on the back or side of the phone. It’s not an action backwards to put this innovation in– it would just be acknowledging that perhaps the world requires a various option to what we had previously– which can be stated of many things.

A larger zoom and bigger sensing unit for iPhone 14’s video camera

The iPhone 13 Pro cam is exceptional, taking gorgeous images in the daytime and catching brilliant, sharp shots in the middle of the night. It’s one of the very best video cameras you can discover on a phone, however I’m a professional photographer, so naturally I’m going to require more.

The main point I desire here is a larger zoom. Yes, Apple upped the zoom level to 3x with the iPhone 13 Pro, however that still fades versus the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra‘s massive 10 x zoom. Zoom lenses are outstanding tools for discovering intriguing structures in your environment, for getting up close on those information that would just be lost if you took your shot with a large angle lens. Even the 4x zoom on Google’s brand-new Pixel 6 Pro sufficed of a dive to permit more telephoto-style images.

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra test image

Captured with the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra, which likewise has a 10 x zoom, it’s clear to see just how much advantage there can be from having a longer zoom alternative.

Patrick Holland/CNET

But while we’re on the video camera, I’m constantly eager to see general enhancements in quality. Let’s likewise slap an even larger image sensing unit in there– perhaps a 1-inch size as we’ve seen on Sony’s current Xperia Pro I, or hell, let’s go APS-C or complete frame, if we’re dreaming. The larger the sensing unit, the much better the general image quality and with each generation of video camera upgrade we’ve had, the less I require to take my cam out with me.

Maybe with the iPhone 14 I can simply offer my DSLR and shoot exclusively on my phone.

iPhone 13 and two Google Pixel phones

The iPhone is the just one out of these 3 that does not utilize USB-C.

Andrew Lanxon/CNET

USB-C crediting change Lightning

Apple has actually embraced USB-C for nearly all of its items now from the iPads to the MacBooks to the AirPods. The iPhone still utilizes Apple’s tradition Lightning port, that makes it the only gadget on my desk I require to discover a various cable television for when I wish to charge it. All my Android evaluation phones, my tablets and even my mouse and keyboard plug into my USB-C power cable televisions and the iPhone feels rather out-of-date as an outcome.

But Apple has constantly had its own methods of charging. When everybody else was utilizing Micro-USB, Apple had that huge 32- pin adapter initially seen on the iPod which was a discomfort, too. Anticipating Apple to step in line with the rest of the market feels about as most likely as asking giraffes to possibly attempt having much shorter necks like the rest of us, OK? You too, swans. Donkeys, you’re great, you’ve got enough going on.

But what I do not desire is for Apple to get rid of the port completely, which was reported when it introduced MagSafe charging. Since then, I still require a devoted charging cable television. Plus MagSafe charges slower than the Lightning cable television and does not presently support information transfer. You see, it would not work. USB-C it is. Thanks. In the meantime, a minimum of I can utilize any USB-C to Lightning cable television to get at least half of the benefit I’m searching for.


Foldable phones are terrific for making a cinema fit into a smaller sized body.

Andrew Lanxon/CNET

A collapsible iPhone 14

Foldable phones have actually been the most significant physical style transformation we’ve seen in phones given that essentially the development of the smart device. They’ve not truly captured on– perhaps due to the fact that of their high costs however likewise potentially due to the fact that they simply do not actually provide an engaging factor to make usage of that fold.

But Apple has a good performance history of taking an existing development and in fact discovering a method to make it work well sufficient to have an effect in our lives. Apple didn’t create tablets, however the iPad was the very first one that actually demonstrated how beneficial they can be, and now it’s generally the only tablet that matters. And I like collapsible phones. They’re enjoyable and they enable a cinema that’s excellent for videos and picture modifying to fold in half and be a lot more pocket friendly.

So I ‘d enjoy to see Apple’s take on this category of gadget and see what its group would make with an item that’s midway in between an iPhone and an iPad. Possibly not as the just phone it introduces, however possibly as an extra one, called the iPhone 14 Fold that sits above the iPhone 14 Pro. And while there are just a couple of collapsible iPhone reports to recommend that this will ever be a genuine thing, I ‘d put excellent cash on a working Apple folding phone principle sitting someplace today deep down in its research study laboratories on that spaceship school.

iPhone 13 Pro

The iPhone 13 Pro is among the leading phones you can purchase today.

Andrew Lanxon/CNET

But those are my leading 5 things I ‘d like to see from the iPhone14 A few of them are more trustworthy than others however who understands what the reports will indicate over the coming months.

For more, take a look at all the iPhone 14 reports we’ve heard up until now including its release date and rate You can likewise have a look at the very best functions in iOS 15.5 Plus, we break down the finest iPhones you can purchase today

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