Logitech G715 hands-on: A strong typist with a polarizing appearance

Logitech G713 keyboard.

Enlarge/ Logitech G713 keyboard.

Scharon Harding

In a surge of color, Logitech today revealed a lot of PC peripherals curtained in light tones, cordless choices, and, like it or dislike it, RGB lighting.

Logitech’s calling it the Aurora Collection, and while the devices are focused on players, high programmability and premium functions can make them intriguing to basic power users, too.

Logitech's Aurora Collection includes a broad range of PC peripherals and accessories.

Enlarge/ Logitech’s Aurora Collection consists of a broad series of PC peripherals and devices.

The brand-new series is identified by stylish white colors magnified by RGB LEDs and high price. The series consists of the G735 cordless headset ($230), the G705 cordless mouse ($100), the G713 mechanical keyboard ($170), and its cordless variation, the G715($200). There are likewise Aurora PC devices, consisting of leading plates and keycaps for the keyboards and brand-new Aurora colors for a few of Logitech’s formerly launched microphones

And as anybody who strolled anywhere near my desk just recently will have instantly seen, I got some hands-on time with the cordless keyboard in the lot.

Divisive style

The G715’s polarizing appearance exceeds its polar bear white styling. Let’s begin with the ugly, cloud-shaped wrist rest.

Fluffy clouds make for lumpy wrist rests.

Enlarge/ Fluffy clouds produce bumpy wrist rests.

Scharon Harding

It sets well with the keyboard’s white chassis however looks childish, and it isn’t assisted by the phony leather that I anticipate will exfoliate after regular use.

The wrist rest was remarkably thick and helpful while typing. I wasn’t able to feel my tough desk through the wrist rest, even when pushing down by force. Its lumpiness irritated my wrists.

The G715 just can be found in white, and as the white PBT keycaps on my work keyboard and white mouse can confirm, white PC peripherals can quickly, and noticeably, get unclean. Keep this in mind when considering this costly clacker.

Thankfully, the keyboard has actually doubleshot PBT keycaps, so the legends should not disappear (for more on keycaps and other terms in this short article, see our guide to mechanical keyboards). Plus, they have a tasty texture that provided a much better grip than low-cost ABS plastic keycaps and appeared appropriate for the keyboard’s cost.

RGB is optional.

Enlarge/ RGB is optional.

Scharon Harding

White is the primary here, however I was still showered in color by means of per-key RGB lighting that produced extremely brilliant legends and a radiance in between the secrets.

An RGB strip around the G715’s underside likewise produced an intense radiance on my desktop, especially south of the keyboard.

There are 16 RGB LEDs on the keyboard's underside.

Enlarge/ There are 16 RGB LEDs on the keyboard’s underside.

Scharon Harding

RGB stimulates strong viewpoints, and if yours is usually on the favorable side, there’s little to grumble about here, other than for needing software application to alter RGB settings. You can even tailor the LEDs on the keyboard’s underside and utilize premade impacts.

But if you have an unfavorable viewpoint of RGB or have an interest in saving battery life, you can rapidly shut off the lights (without software application). Thinking about the keyboard’s rate, you need to most likely like most other things about the peripheral if you’re going to ditch one of its most significant functions.

Mechanical keyboards focused on players tend to get excellent media secrets. And although the G715 has actually a truncated style, it still has a set of media secrets (that can illuminate with RGB) in a relaxing lavender shade, consisting of a rubber-like scroll wheel. The wheel isn’t the most tactile. I choose wheels with more notched motion.

Unfortunately, like the majority of the G715’s secrets, the media secrets aren’t programmable.

The function row has two layers of programmability, including with macro support.

Enlarge/ The function row has 2 layers of programmability, consisting of with macro assistance.


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