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Chances are you’ve heard the expression “an image deserves a thousand words.” What you might not understand is that depending upon the context, this can be rather of a deceptive declaration.

Hear us out. The human brain is hardwired to consume images 60,00 0 times faster than text, representing 90% of the info we process every day being visual. These numbers make a persuading case regarding why an image is worthy of a little bit more credit than simply a thousand words.

But we didn’t collect a century-old saying to quibble on its analytical drawbacks. Rather, we wished to highlight how the belief behind the expression has actually never ever been more apropos for online marketers who are delegated survive in a broadening sea of raw information every death day.

Refining raw information with visualization

Clive Humby was onto something when he proposed information as the brand-new oil to his fellow C-suite executives at the 2006 Association of National Advertisers (ANA) Master of Marketing top. A years and a half later on, his forecast pertained to fulfillment as information totally superseded self-questioning and uncertainty as a bottom line for marketing success.

What makes Humby’s insight genuinely remarkable, nevertheless, isn’t the ultimate increase of information as king in marketing. It’s more so the reality that information, similar to crude, is virtually worthless in its rawest type.

To elaborate, oil goes through a refining procedure prior to striking the pumps. The very same chooses raw information. It requires contextualizing and should be broken down initially into something more structured and eventually actionable.

This is where visualization enters the photo. When the datasets have actually been cleaned up and standardized, visualization actions in as the last important action of the refining procedure to redesign them into intelligible graphics that put actionable insights on complete display screen.

Harnessing the power of information visualization

Take a 2nd to take in the contrast in between left and. The distinction needs to be rather plain unless you take place to be a secret mathematical mastermind.

Seriously, to the eyes of a typical Joe, the table left wing looks like a random mixture of numbers that inform absolutely nothing substantive. On the other hand, the scatter plots make plain the favorable connection binding the variables together right from the outset.

That’s the power of visualization. It utilizes the capability to open covert patterns, making it possible to link the dots in between diverse information points simultaneously. For online marketers who need to consistently ask crammed concerns such as which acquisition funnels cause conversion, which time of the day are potential customers most active and so on, visualization can assist cut through the stack of raw information standing in the method of getting those concerns addressed.

And the very best part? Visualization understands no borders. Whether it’s your group, board members or external stakeholders, providing the information through graphics primes even the most dull of datasets to be easily processed and made use of despite who’s on the getting end.

Choosing the best graphics for information visualization

As terrific as information visualization is, finding out which kind of visual help would best represent the dataset can get difficult. And opting for a suboptimal option is barely a choice when doing so brings the danger of confusion or, even worse, misconception.

Thanks to Dr. Andrew Abela, who advanced an extensive diagram on selecting the ideal chart for various information types, selecting a visual can be simplified into 4 fundamental requirements:

  • Comparison Drawing a contrast in between datasets over a given duration to identify low and high.
    • E.g., site traffic breakdown by source.
  • Relationship Developing a connection to see whether offered variables favorably or adversely affect one another.
    • E.g., local impact on sales development.
  • Distribution Assessing the variety of a dataset to much better comprehend how variables engage while looking for outliers.
    • E.g., variation in typical month-to-month lead conversion rate throughout a.
  • Composition Charting out how private parts comprise an entire to develop hierarchies within a provided dataset.
    • E.g., breakdown of marketing expenses by tactical concerns.

With these requirements in mind, utilize the following summary as additional standards to single out the visual help that ‘d finest serve your requirements:

Column chart

A column chart describes a visual screen in which vertical bars– the height of each proportionate to the classification it represents– encounter the chart horizontally.

Nine times out of 10, a column chart will work if you’re trying to find a side-by-side contrast of 10 or less products.

Column chart example

Line chart

What if you have more than 10 datasets to be stacked versus another? A line chart is your best option.

Unlike the column chart, a line chart runs a line through a series of dots.

While it’s best understood for highlighting the ups and downs throughout numerous information points, a line chart can likewise efficiently compare the patterns in between various metrics by outlining several lines in a single chart.

Line chart example

Scatter plot

A scatter plot is everything about drawing up the connection in between 2 datasets. Understood as the cause-and-effect diagram, a scatter plot can assist you see whether a set variable affects the other and which instructions (favorable or unfavorable) the connection is running towards.

Scatter plot example

Pie chart

A pie chart is utilized to handle categorical variables to see how the overall quantity is split among them. It supplies a basic sense of the part-to-whole relationship that can be found in useful when you wish to discover the most and least efficient channels for driving visitors to your site.

Pie chart example

Word cloud

Perhaps the most recent addition to the information visualization stack, a word cloud describes a cluster of words shown in various colors and sizes. It’s an awesome tool to picture how the audience considers a provided subject and find the very best and worst keywords when it concerns traffic generation.

Word cloud example

Making headway with information visualization

All stated and done, visualization is today and future of marketing analytics. Fortunately is, with all you’ve seen and checked out up until now, you’re all set to get the most mileage out of visualization.

But if there’s anything I hope you’ve gained from this piece, it’s that images speak much louder than words. It’s time to take your marketing information visual.

Sophie Eom is cofounder and CEO of


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