Russia’s Cozy Bear abusing Dropbox, Google Drive to target victims

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Russian APT called Cozy Bear has actually ended up being skilled at rapidly including popular cloud storage services into its attack chain to prevent detection

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Published: 20 Jul 2022 10: 17

The Russia-based advanced consistent danger(APT) group tracked otherwise as Cozy Bear, Nobelium, APT29 and Cloaked Ursa is integrating genuine cloud storage services into its attack chain to make its attacks harder for protectors to discover and safeguard, according to brand-new intelligence shared today by danger hunters at Palo Alto Networks’ Unit 42.

In a freshly released notification, scientists Mike Harbison and Peter Renals explained how when integrated with file encryption, making use of relied on cloud services makes it “incredibly challenging” for organisations to identify destructive activity.

They keep in mind that making use of relied on, genuine cloud services is not brand-new to Cozy Bear’s method, however that its current incorporation of Dropbox and Google Drive services into its toolbox– observed in a variety of current projects– must be of specific issue for a variety of factors.

” Since early May [2022], Cloaked Ursa has actually continued to progress their capabilities to provide malware utilizing popular online storage services,” the scientists composed.

” Their 2 newest projects show their elegance and their capability to obfuscate the release of their malware through making use of Dropbox and Google Drive services. This is a brand-new strategy for this star and one that shows challenging to discover due to the common nature of these services and the truth that they are relied on by countless consumers worldwide.

” We motivate all organisations to evaluate their e-mail policies and the IoCs [indicators of compromise] supplied in this report in order to resolve this risk.”

The exact approach utilized in the 2 projects observed and evaluated by Unit 42 differs somewhat, however broadly speaking, they were focused on western diplomatic objectives found in Brazil and Portugal, targeting a concealed Nato nation with an expected program for an approaching conference with the ambassador.

The connected file, Agenda.pdf, in truth called out to the cloud storage services to obtain EnvyScout, a tool utilized to deobfuscate the secondary malware, in this case a destructive ISO file, Agenda.iso, which in turn resulted in the download of destructive Dynamic Link Libraries (DLLs), the entire chain eventually resulting in that durable seasonal of APT tools, Cobalt Strike.

This is obviously not the very first time Cozy Bear has actually leant on Portugal’s diplomatic service as a lure. The very same nation targeted in the most recent projects was assaulted in this way in January, about the exact same time as the WhisperGate malware project versus Ukraine.

According to scientists at Cluster25, who have actually likewise been tracking comparable Cozy Bear projects, other nations targeted might have consisted of Greece, Italy and Turkey.

Cluster25’s group included that the projects plainly revealed a strong focus from Cozy Bear on running under the radar and avoiding its attacks from being identified for a significant time period.

A Dropbox representative stated: “ We can verify that we dealt with our market partners and the scientists on this matter, and handicapped user accounts instantly. If we discover any user breaching our regards to service, we take proper action, which might consist of suspending or disabling user accounts.”

Commenting on the 2 observed projects, Garret Grajek, CEO of YouAttest, a provider of cloud-based identity auditing services, stated: “Unit 42 has actually formerly reported that 92% of cloud setups have actually misaligned identity authorizations, so the truth Google Drive is under attack ought to be of not a surprise to anybody.

” Most applications and information remain in the cloud today, and therefore the opponents understand this is where to target their exploits. Complete attention needs to be paid to these resources to safeguard versus these focused attacks. Identity is the most essential construct to protect the cloud resources these days and need to be provisioned and evaluated with care and automation.”

More technical details on the projects, and other information such as IoCs, are readily available from Unit 42

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