A business called Meta is taking legal action against Meta for calling itself Meta

When Facebook altered its name to Meta in October, there were a couple of issues that the business was preparing to control the nascent metaverse– however there’s one aggrieved celebration that’s just now going public.

An installation-art business called META (or revealed Tuesday that it will be taking legal action against Meta (or Facebook) for hallmark infraction, declaring that Zuckerberg’s name modification broke the smaller sized business’s recognized brand name.

” On October 28, 2021, Facebook took our META mark and name, which we put our blood, sweat, and tears into structure for over twelve years,” checks out a post on the smaller sized business’s website “Today, after 8 months of attempting to work out with Facebook in excellent faith to no get, we were entrusted to no option however to submit a suit versus them.”

( Disclosure: The Verge partnered with for a variety of art setups at the Panorama Festival in2016 In order to make this post understandable, we’re going to describe the billion-dollar social networks business as Facebook and the smaller sized augmented-reality business as; this is not a recommendation of either side’s legal claims.)

Much of the case depends upon Facebook’s numerous personal privacy scandals, which argues has actually made it difficult to share the name. “Meta can no longer supply items and services under the META mark,” the grievance argues, “due to the fact that customers are most likely to wrongly think that Meta’s products and services originate from Facebook which Meta is connected with the toxicity that is inextricably related to Facebook.” holds a legitimate hallmark for the name however might still be dealing with an uphill struggle in court, offered the broad series of hallmark applications Facebook has actually made considering that the name modification ended up being main– consisting of different marks for messaging, social media networks, and monetary services. There are likewise a variety of hallmarks declaring the Meta name for non-tech items, consisting of a tough seltzer and maker of prosthetic limbs.

Meta/ Facebook did not right away react to an ask for remark.

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