Samsung reveals 24Gbps GDDR6 memory for next-gen graphics cards

In quick: Samsung is enhancing its GDDR6 portfolio with a brand-new module efficient in information transfer rates of 24 Gbps per pin. This is mainly targeted at high-end graphics cards and AI accelerators, however the business will likewise be making low-power versions for other applications.

Samsung today revealed the market’s very first 24 Gbps GDDR6 RAM which will power the next generation of graphics cards from Nvidia and AMD, as well as laptop computers, video game consoles, and AI accelerators for the information.

The Korean tech giant states it has actually currently started tasting the brand-new memory chips with a capability of 16 Gb and states its clients will start confirmation tests at some point later on this month. Business accessibility will be lined up with upcoming GPU launches, so it will not be long prior to we’ll see 24 Gbps GDDR6 in shipping items.

One of the apparent advantages of this brand-new GDDR6 module is that it can provide 30 percent much faster speeds when compared to Samsung’s previous 18 Gbps module To put it simply, a completely dressed up superior graphics card will have the ability to accomplish a memory bandwidth of as much as 1.1 Tbps– the equivalent of moving 275 1080 p motion pictures in one second.

Unlike GDDR6X, which was established by Micron in partnership with Nvidia, Samsung’s brand-new GDDR6 DRAM is totally certified with JEDEC requirements. It’s likewise anticipated to be less power starving thanks to making use of high-k metal gate innovation. That likewise indicates it will run cooler than GDDR6X while offering much better efficiency and be more affordable to make.

Speaking of production, Samsung is making the brand-new GDDR6 lineup on a 10 nm (1z) procedure node. And while the business primarily targets GPUs and AI accelerators with the brand-new tech, it will likewise be making 20 Gbps and 16 Gbps variations for low-power applications. To that end, Samsung is likewise utilizing vibrant voltage changing tech that can change in between 1.1 V and 1.35 V to attain 20 percent more power effectiveness where required.

It’s worth keeping in mind that Samsung thinks the high-performance graphics market will see healthy double-digit development in the coming years. The business desires a substantial piece of that significantly big pie, so it’s been making every possible effort to beat TSMC in the race to establish leading chip production methods.

Last month, it began making chips on a 3nm procedure at its Hwaseong centers. Whether that will suffice to get business like Nvidia interested remains to be seen, however Samsung stays the world leader in the DRAM area with a market share of practically 44 percent

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