‘Westworld’ Season 4, Episode 2 Recap: ‘Welcome to the Golden Age’

Westworld season 4 returned with a 2nd episode on Sunday, dishing out vibrant murders, human guinea pig, more confusing referrals to a “tower” and a brand-new Delos amusement park. Another legendary discovery? Human William is still in the land of the living.

Here’s a helpful summary of what decreased in this week’s info-packed edition of Westworld There will be 8 episodes in this season of HBO‘s mind-bending sci-fi series, implying we have 6 more weeks to make good sense out of all the insanity. Let’s dress and enter into it.

Raising Hale

Dark Charlotte Hale has actually gotten in the chat. Charlores, the variation of Hale equipped with a copy of Delores’ mind, is back, and she’s masterminding some sort of strategy. We basically understood this currently– completion credits of last season revealed Hale constructing hosts and exposed a variation of William who solutions to her– however episode 2 gets Maeve and Caleb up to speed on Charlores’ participation. It ends up group Hale changed California Senator Ken Whitney and his better half, Anastasia, with host variations, eliminating the genuine senator and appointing a various gruesome fate to Anastasia. Another expose: The host variation of Ken Whitney, who calls himself “an emissary of the brand-new world order,” states there are 249 others like him.


I’m not digging the soulless William copy working for Chalores … #NotmyWilliam.


Team Hale’s subduing of prominent individuals does not stop with Whitney. Later on in episode 2, the vice president assembles with host William at a golf course. Their discussion is puzzling, however it looks like William is attempting to get his park company going once again after the Westworld massacre, and the VP isn’t jazzed about the concept. (It appears Hale eliminated and changed the senator since of a comparable obstinance.) After sinking one-too-many strangely spot-on golf shots, frightening the VP, William whacks him with a golf club.

Jim Navarro, the deputy assistant attorney general of the United States for counterterrorism, likewise attempts (unsuccessfully) to hinder Delos. Group Chalores zip-ties him in a cars and truck, and Chalores presents herself as the individual running the program. She states she’s preparing something for his kind, however it’s not to change all human beings with hosts. She leaves him, and we see a fly crawl into his eye.

A fast pointer– in case you require it– of what turned the bad guy switch for Chalores: In season 3, Chalores lost human Charlotte’s child and spouse in an intense vehicle surge triggered by season villain Engerraund Serac (Dolores is likewise sort of accidentally to blame for their deaths). Chalores remains in the vehicle too, however makes it through. She presently shows scars from the event on her arm, and in the season 3 ending, she informs human William it’s since she desires “to keep in mind who the fuck you individuals are.”

Human guinea pig

Chalores’ entourage does not eliminate genuine Anastasia (Senator Whitney’s other half) on the area, however her fate is perhaps even worse. Chalores states Anastasia is the “ideal prospect” for a brand-new experiment Chalores is looking into. A long time later on, Caleb and Maeve discover Anastasia in a barn … and she’s slashed up a lot of bad horses. She lunges at Caleb, requiring Maeve to shoot her. Her transformed mindset type of advises me of what occurred to the man from the cartel-like company last episode. We didn’t see any flies around her this time, however I would not be amazed if they’re connected to her weird zombification?


The Peter secret deepens this episode.


What is ‘the tower’?

On her commute to work, Christina frequently sees a male on the street ranting about a “tower.” In Sunday’s episode, the person states a “tune without any noise” is originating from the tower, which nobody can hear the “music” however him and the birds. Christina carries on, however consequently sees an uncommon swarm of dead birds on the ground beyond her workplace.

Startled, Christina avoids work and visits the Hope Center for Health, a center Peter’s obituary states he contributed to after his death (a tip: Peter is the consistent caller who stated Christina composed him into a video game and after that leapt off a structure). Perplexingly, she discovers the location was shut down years back. While inside the deserted center, she sees illustrations of a tower on a wall.

In recently’s episode, Peter likewise discusses a “tower” when challenging Christina prior to his death (he states he understands both Christina and “the tower” are genuine). Time to begin dealing with your theories if you have not currently.

William lives!

What an expose. William– who got his throat slit by host William in the post-credits of last season– is unbelievely still alive. Should we actually be amazed at this point? Characters on this program reanimate like no other.

I’m pleased to see him. Genuine William is absolutely flawed, however his “death” last season was unfulfilling. Seeing host William this season as a soulless, pure-bred bad guy likewise made me miss out on the genuine thing.

Oh yeah, let’s discuss the scene. Chalores wakes human William up from a cryosleep and informs him she’s keeping him around “to be the loser.” She likewise includes more context to what she informed Navarro from the Justice Department about her strategies. She states people “made a sport out of searching us, so I needed to cut off your paws– ensure you individuals would never ever have the ability to damage us once again.” The flies, the zombified human beings and now this– it sure appears like Hale’s strategy is entering focus.


Caleb has actually never ever been to a Delos park.


The roaring ’20 s

This episode puts Maeve and Caleb on a train headed for Delos’ latest destination, an amusement park embeded in the ’20 s. (A tip remains in something host William states, “150 years earlier,” the world came “roaring” back after war). William invites us to “the Golden Age,” and Maeve and Caleb leave into a city dynamic with brilliant lights and old-timey cars and trucks.

Stray ideas

  • I’m delighting in the Maleb scenes.
  • Chalores’ brand-new hosts are strong. Maeve and Caleb battle to take them down.
  • Christina’s manager tracking her area when she didn’t show up at work– she requires to skedaddle out of there. We understand Dolores would not jibe with that sort of security.
  • I lost it at Host William playing golf in head-to-toe black.
  • This episode verifies that Christina composed a computer game character with a strangely comparable life story to Peter’s.
  • The deaths of the Senator and his partner … actually grim things.
  • Still no indication of Bernard. At the end of last season, he accessed the Sublime/Valley Beyond, the location where Maeve’s child and other hosts exist. Here’s more on that and whatever else that taken place in season 3 of Westworld.

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