The Pixel 6 Pro has the worst connection and reception of any phone I’ve utilized

pixel 6 pro connectivity 3g offline

Rita El Khoury/ Android Authority

2: 57 PM. I’m a bit late, however I still have 3 minutes to get a Too Good To Go lunch basket from the Japanese dining establishment close by. My other half and I enter and describe why we’re there. They ask us to confirm our order through the app so I get my phone from my pocket and launch it. Absolutely nothing loads. I glimpse at the notice bar and recognize that when again, the Pixel 6 Pro has no connection. We’re in an overloaded location, however it should not be bad enough to trigger the phone to go offline.

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In a robotic motion that I’ve done countless times over the previous months, I fall the fast settings panel, tap the Airplane mode button to toggle it on, then off, and I await the phone to discover a signal. It does not. I do it once again while glancing at the time– 2: 59 PM. I expect another failure and ask my partner if his OnePlus 7 Pro is linked; he nods. He confirms the order while I cuss under my breath for the umpteenth time.

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pixel 6 pro vs oneplus 7 pro connectivity

Rita El Khoury/ Android Authority

OnePlus 7 Pro (left) vs Pixel 6 Pro (right)

See, I am naturally pro-Pixel prejudiced and I enjoy the Pixel 6 Pro. I can recite odes about its triple-camera setup and the great shots I’ve taken with it, and compose numerous essays about the little however good Pixel-only functions Google executed. This one problem of connection makes me desire to desert the phone each time I step outside of Wi-Fi variety. And honestly, it is simply horrible.

The Pixel 5 had outstanding reception, however the Pixel 6 Pro does not compare it.

The 6 Pro isn’t my very first Pixel. I’ve currently had the Pixel 2 XL, Pixel 4XL, and Pixel 5 as my day-to-day chauffeurs. Of those 3, the very first 2 had a hard time a bit, however not considerably more than any other phone I was evaluating at the time. The Pixel 5, however, had an excellent reception. It might capture a signal in the inmost nooks and crannies and the most overloaded locations– one bar, however still, a bar.

pixel 6 pro vs pixel 5 connectivity

Rita El Khoury/ Android Authority

Pixel 6 Pro (left) vs Pixel 5 (right)

I hoped that Google had actually turned a brand-new leaf with the Pixel 5 which connection would never ever be a problem once again on its line-up of phones. In March, I moved my primary SIM card from the Pixel 5 to the 6 Pro and the issues began.

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When heading out of my house, the Pixel 6 Pro takes a number of minutes to understand it’s no longer able to link to a Wi-Fi network and needs to change to an LTE signal. Throughout those minutes, an easy WhatsApp text can’t be provided.

It has a hard time to change from Wi-Fi to LTE, to discover a signal in busy locations, and to reconnect after leaving a dead zone.

If I’m taking a trip in the Parisian underground system, the 6 Pro does not reconnect instantly when the train stops at a train station. Every other phone I’ve utilized handles to go on the internet for a couple of seconds to get and provide messages, open pending websites, and/or buffer a little bit of music or video without me touching it. Not the Pixel 6 Pro. It stays steadfastly offline through many stops.

pixel 6 pro vs oneplus 9 connectivity

Rita El Khoury/ Android Authority

Pixel 6 Pro (left) vs OnePlus 9 (right)

Then, when I’m out of the train, I often need to wait several minutes for it to reconnect. By that time, I’m typically out of the station and strolling in the air. The exact same thing occurs whenever I go through a dead zone. The Pixel 6 Pro takes considerably longer to reconnect. And let’s not speak about crowds or crowded locations.

I have not seen the offline icon or Edge icons on other phones as typically as I see them on the Pixel 6 Pro.

I have actually never ever seen the signal exclamation point icon or the Edge/HSPA/HSPA+ icons on any other phones as typically as I see them on this one. To highlight how the Pixel 6 Pro battles with scanning and discovering a signal when others stay gradually linked, I took a number of timelapse videos (reason the hand-shaking). You can see these on Google Drive:

This concern with bad reception, LTE scanning, and handoff in between Wi-Fi and LTE, has actually ended up being so regular that I no longer concern it. I can expect when I’m going to be offline and be prepared with the aircraft mode toggle under my fingertip to rapidly require a reconnection. That technique does not fix the hidden concern, however it covers it up quickly, up until the next time when the phone chooses it does not wish to see any signal around it.

pixel 6 pro quick settings airplane mode

Rita El Khoury/ Android Authority

It might be a defective production batch, a bug that impacts a subset of systems, or it might simply refer area. I live in Paris and utilize underground public transportation, so I pass by crowded locations and dead zones often enough to discover it. Others may not go through likewise challenging scenarios. A few of my associates at Android Authority have not seen such extreme concerns, however they did validate that handoff in between Wi-Fi and LTE is slower than other gadgets.

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For a while, I likewise believed that this might be a momentary software application bug presented with a regular monthly upgrade and I selected to ignore it, however the April, May, and June updates have not repaired it. At this moment, I question any other upgrade will– or could.

The only factor I’m still utilizing the Pixel 6 Pro is that I work from house and stay on Wi-Fi the majority of the day.

Today, the sole factor my primary SIM card is still in the Pixel 6 Pro is that I work from house and this bad reception issue does not rear its awful head throughout my everyday commute from the bed to my living-room. I value whatever else the phone needs to provide so I’m ready to grind my teeth and toggle the plane mode a number of times each week when I occur to be out and about. If I were utilizing transit and going underground every day, I’m sure I could not perhaps ignore it for more than a couple of days.

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And that’s the unfortunate fact of my experience with this flagship from Google. I have no other problems about the phone: I currently got (unwillingly) utilized to the enormous size, the finger print sensing unit works well adequate for me, and whatever else is first-class. A phone is still expected to be a phone, and I do not desire to continuously believe about babysitting it to make sure it’s linked and able to get a call or a message.

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