‘Westworld’ Season 4: All the Details to keep in mind Before Watching

So you’re prepping to begin another season of Westworld? You’ll require a slick brand-new closet, a previous military male to befriend and some bodies you can stick copies of your mind into. If time does not permit for all of that, this wrap-up of the 3rd season ought to be sufficient.

The very first episode of Westworld season 4 premieres Sunday, so it’s time to have a look back at where things on HBO’s complex and interesting sci-fi series ended. Season 3 occurred mostly beyond the eponymous amusement park, exposed more of human society in 2050 and ended on a cliffhanger. There will be 8 episodes overall, like last season, with more showing up on Sundays. If you’re prepared, proceed and bring yourself back online.

Aaron Paul in Westworld

Aaron Paul signed up with the Westworld cast in season 3.


Caleb (Aaron Paul) signed up with the cast

The 3rd season presented us to Caleb Nichols (Breaking Bad’s Aaron Paul), a war veteran who’s haunted by a memory of losing his good friend, Francis, in fight. In episode 1, we discovered he’s a building employee and low-level lawbreaker who takes tasks through an app. When he satisfied Dolores, he joined her on her objective.

Eventually, we discovered that Caleb is thought about to be an “outlier” by a maker called Solomon and its follower, Rehoboam. Due to the fact that of this status, he went through reconditioning treatment, a “treatment” that modified his memories. It was “reliable,” according to Solomon, and Caleb was enabled to return to society. Not everybody was so fortunate (more on that in the “pods” area).

It’s exposed that Caleb and Francis (played by rap artist Kid Cudi) both endured the war, which Caleb was the one who eliminated Francis. Solomon used each of them cash to get the other, and Francis switched on Caleb, requiring Caleb to shoot him. Another twist is that the criminal activity app, Rico, was developed so that outliers like Caleb would assemble other outliers.

Thandiwe Newton wears a white dress as Maeve in westworld

Maeve is back.


Maeve and Caleb are collaborating

Maeve hesitantly partnered with a brand-new character called Engerraund Serac in season 3 after Serac informed her that the secret to the Sublime– where Maeve’s child exists– remains in Dolores’ mind. Serac is a trillionaire who developed Rehoboam with his sibling, Jean Mi, and pertained to act as a mouth piece for Rehoboam. Serac and Rehoboam desired the chest of visitor information gathered by Delos Incorporated, and they thought the essential to it was likewise in Dolores’ mind.

In the season 3 ending, Maeve changed sides at a turning point and assisted Dolores and Caleb. She stated she understood why Dolores “selected” Caleb to assist her– not due to the fact that of his capability for violence, however due to the fact that of his capability to select. Dolores left it as much as Caleb to choose the future. He informed Rehoboam to “perform the last command”– putting a brand-new method Solomon provided him into play– and produced the armageddon. More information on that huge relocation listed below.

Aaron Paul and Evan Rachel Wood in Westworld

In the 3rd episode of Westworld, Caleb and Dolores be familiar with each other much better.


Dolores is no more-es. Well, perhaps

In the season 3 ending, Rehoboam ruined Delores’ memories in an effort to discover the secret to the previously mentioned Delos information. It wasn’t there. It sure looks like Dolores as we understand her might be chosen excellent, however with this program, I’m not ruling any possibility out.

‘ Charlotte Hale’ is constructing hosts

It’s not completion for this Dolores replicate. Season 3 validated that Dolores made copies of herself (the “self” that exists in her peal, or control system) and stuck them into the bodies of Charlotte, Musashi, Martin and Lawrence. Pseudo-Charlotte assisted Dolores by impersonating Hale, however she was ultimately discovered, and it cost her. The last time we saw brand-new Charlotte, it remained in the ending’s post-credit scene, when she was signed up with by a host variation of William and seemed constructing more hosts.

Tessa Thompson stands in front of a large futuristic building

Charlotte Hale (or a host variation of her) getting to Delos HQ.


Host William has actually changed William

Season 3 was a doozy for William. He had hallucinations of the child he killed, was deceived by the brand-new variation of Charlotte and withstood some non-traditional futuristic treatment. When he emerged from all of that, William stated that his “initial sin” was developing hosts, and he was going to eliminate all of them. In the ending’s post-credit scene, William was fatally injured by another variation of himself– one who addresses to phony Charlotte.

A lot of human beings are still in those unusual pods

Solomon exposed in episode 7 that the treatment provided to Caleb just deals with one in 10 individuals. What occurs to everybody else? Obviously, they get put to sleep in pods, where they “aren’t even enabled to live or pass away,” as Caleb put it. In episode 7, we saw what appears like numerous the spooky, gray, human-sized containers.

Caleb introduced … the armageddon

So back to that entire armageddon thing. When Caleb made his last relocation in the season 3 ending, he states he’s doing it to offer the world an option, like Dolores provided for him. The program moves to Bernard, who shed some much-needed light on Dolores’ objectives, and the effects of Caleb’s relocation: “She wasn’t attempting to eliminate the mankind. She was attempting to wait,” Bernard stated. “What’s about to take place was constantly gon na take place. Serac and his bro were simply holding it off. Mankind never ever considered its own sins.” He included: “Our world needed to burn down prior to we might be complimentary.”

So the numeration is now. Stubbs, who was with Bernard because scene, called it the armageddon, and Bernard didn’t remedy him. At the end of the ending (prior to the post-credits), we see Caleb and Maeve keeping an eye out at some high-rise buildings, which are shaken by surges.

Jeffrey Wright in the Westworld finale

Bernard, played by Jeffrey Wright.


Bernard is headed into the Sublime

Bernard, not Delores, has the essential to the Sublime, the location inhabited by hosts consisting of Maeve’s child. In the season 3 ending, Bernard utilized it, revealing that he was trying to find a response to what follows completion of the world.

We might see Engerraund Serac’s sibling, Jean Mi in season 4

We saw Jean Mi in season 3 flashbacks, and it’s suggested he was being in among the pods we saw in the penultimate episode. In the season 3 ending, Engerraund generally confessed he podded (pod-ded?) his bro, under directions from Rehoboam. Possibly we’ll see him again when the program addresses those cooling pills once again?

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