If You Like Stranger Things, You’ll Love These 14 Movies

When Netflix series Stranger Things very first turned on the Christmas lights in 2016, it discovered a winning formula with ’80 s fond memories, supernatural scaries and a cast of headstrong and close-knit kids.

It’s an unique program, and it’s challenging to duplicate the sensation you get while viewing it. Now that we’re coming across a weeks-long break in between 2 volumes of a single season, on top of the years-long hiatuses in between one season and another, I’ve recognized it’s time to pull out a flashlight and begin browsing for something comparable.

Venture listed below, and you’ll discover a list of programs that associate with Stranger Things in one method or another. You might discover something to fill that cooling space. Get ready for transcendent entities, touching relationships, and lots and great deals of kids on bikes.

Movies with a Stranger Things ambiance

Paramount Pictures

Where to stream: HBO Max

No list of this kind would be total without Super 8, directed by Star Wars helmer J.J. Abrams and produced by Steven Spielberg. In the summer season of 1979, while recording a homemade zombie motion picture, a group of teenagers witness a truck hit a train. Inexplicable occasions continue to rattle the location. For secret, some supernatural action and young pals who ride bikes and utilize walkie-talkies, offer this one a watch.


Where to stream: You can lease Ghostbusters for $3 at services consisting of Amazon and Vudu.

We understand 4 buddies who would offer Ghostbusters a mega Marshmallow Man-size stamp of approval. An unforgettable Stranger Things season 2 scene is when Mike, Dustin, Lucas and Will use excessive Ghostbusters outfits to school … just to learn that nobody else dressed up for Halloween. In their honor, invest a long time with Bill Murray, Sigourney Weaver and the rest of the cast of this cherished funny.

Warner Bros.

Where to stream: HBO Max

This scary flick dealt another ruthless blow to the credibility of clowns. Based upon the timeless Stephen King book, the motion picture pits 6 pleasant castaways versus a sewer-loving supernatural entity. The Duffer Brothers, who developed Stranger Things, have actually acknowledged the book’s huge impact on the program. You’ll likewise find Finn Wolfhard (aka Mike) amongst the film’s cast.

Columbia Pictures

Where to stream: You can lease Fright Night for $3 at services consisting of Amazon and Vudu.

In this slightly frightening horror motion picture, teen Charley Brewster (yes, that’s his real name) finds an awful trick– his next-door neighbor is really a vampire and lags numerous disappearances in their Iowa town. For a tale about teenagers handling beasts, an ’80 s feel, great unique impacts (and I’ll state it– smokin’ hot vampires), Fright Night is the method to go.


The Fear Street Trilogy (2021)

Where to stream: Netflix

Yes, I’m counting this as 3 films. When Netflix dropped the Fear Street installations last summertime, I had no concept what a reward they ‘d be. Fond memories is an aspect here– the very first movie winds things back to the ’90 s, the 2nd to the ’70 s and the 3rd to the … 1600 s, since who does not like to recall fondly at bonnets and flouncy sleeves. Joking! If you’ve liked the concentrate on Max (Sadie Sink) this season, the starlet is a huge part of this trilogy.

Gunpowder & & Sky

Where to stream: AMC Plus, Shudder

Can a film be too similar to Stranger Things? The very first 20 minutes of Summer of 84 stimulate a lot of Stranger Things-isms, it feels difficult not to compare it to the precious program. Walkie-talkies, bikes, synth music, odd disappearances and teen buddies hot on the path of the criminal are all in there. Considering that you’re examining out this list, that might simply suggest it ticks all your boxes.

Red Bank Films

Where to stream: Prime Video

Carrie is targeted by some callous bullies in the 1976 movie adjustment of Stephen King’s renowned book, just like our lady Eleven, who deals with viciously suggest teenagers in this season of Stranger Things ( culminating, obviously, with that Carrie-esque scene at the roller rink). Stephen King himself has called out the season’s “Carrie riff,” though he didn’t clearly state what he was describing. Anyhow, you need to see Sissy Spacek’s Oscar-nominated representation of the senior prom queen a minimum of when in your life. Why not now?

Jonny Cournoyer

Where to stream: FuboTV, Paramount Plus

John Krasinski’s suspenseful scary movie about a household attempting to endure a beast armageddon is even more traumatic than Stranger Things, however there are some resemblances. In the character of Millicent Simmons, you’ll discover a brave young lead character the Stranger Things kids would gladly invite onto their group. See how she and the others manage scary animals that assault when they spot noise.


Where to stream: It’s totally free with advertisements on Tubi. You can likewise lease Coraline for $3 at services consisting of Amazon and Vudu.

” Kids vs. malicious forces from a parallel universe” might explain both Stranger Things and this animated stop-motion kids scary film. And both are outstanding options for your night.

New Line Cinema

A Nightmare on Elm Street (1984)

Where to stream: Netflix, HBO Max

The cooling ending to episode 1 and what took place to Eddie later felt slightly familiar to me while viewing season 4. It struck me: A Nightmare on Elm Street. If you’ve been digging this season of the program, it’s time to review the 1984 scary classic. Another enjoyable reality: Victor Creel, the previous Vecna victim that Robin and Nancy fulfill in episode 4, is in fact played by initial Freddy Krueger star Robert Englund.

Warner Bros.

Where to stream: HBO Max

Do kid experience films get more timeless than The Goonies? A team of unique children set out on an unsafe look for surprise treasure. Since booby traps and unknown surface obviously aren’t enough, a household of mobsters is likewise trailing them. If you, like me, were too frightened by the scary components in this movie as a kid to completely value it, it’s certainly worth placing on once again.

Universal Pictures

ET the Extra-Terrestrial (1982)

Where to stream: Peacock, FuboTV

After investing a lot time with Stranger Things season 4 evil person Vecna, I ‘d think of a consultation with a benign fictional animal like ET sounds respectable. (It’s definitely well-earned.) Tear open a box of Reese’s Pieces and get viewing.

Sony Pictures

Where to stream: It’s totally free with advertisements on the Roku Channel. You can likewise lease Goosebumps for $3 at services consisting of Amazon and Vudu.

When a crowd of beasts from R.L. Stine’s renowned Goosebumps books attack the real life, Jack Black and some teen stars collaborate to take them down. This family-friendly scary funny is cheesier than Stranger Things, however it might act as a strong interruption from the time out in the supernatural program.

Warner Bros. Photos

The NeverEnding Story (1984)

Where to stream: It’s complimentary with advertisements on Tubi. You can likewise lease The NeverEnding Story for $4 at services consisting of Amazon, Vudu and iTunes.

This may be a wild card, however it’s needed for Stranger Things fans or those who lost out on the movie as a kid. Experience, a friendly dragon and kid lead characters are all a part of the pie. And you can lastly sing the signature tune with Dustin and Suzie when you rewatch season 3, episode 8.

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