Windows 11 Keyboard Shortcuts That Will Increase Productivity

windows 11 shortcuts


Keyboard faster ways are basically mixes of secrets that can assist you carry out an action with your keyboard quick and without the requirement to utilize your mouse or touchpad. If you’ve been utilizing Windows for any variety of years, you most likely currently understand a few of them.

In truth, everybody from your grandparents to the next-door neighbor’s 10- years of age kid understands how to utilize Ctrl + C and Ctrl + V on Windows to copy and paste things. Apart from these essential faster ways, Windows provides a load of other helpful faster ways that can assist you carry out actions quicker on Windows.

Think about it. Would not you like it if you could access your paste history to inspect what you’ve copied and pasted without needing to go into a couple of windows and click through icons? With faster ways, you can do this, and lots of other things in a jiffy. In this guide, we stroll you through X faster ways that can increase your performance as you utilize Windows 11.

View paste history with Win + V

windows 11 paste history

Do you get woozy when you’re copying things over from one file to a number of, and you require to review among the important things you pasted earlier to among the files? It’s nearly difficult to be able to track whatever you’re pasting, specifically when you’re copy-pasting material numerous times and throughout files.

The good idea is that Windows develops a history of whatever you’ve pasted. The paste history shops up to 25 previous entries, so if you’ve been copy-pasting something on Windows, this is where you’ll discover it.

To gain access to paste history, you require to push the Windows secret + V on your keyboard. Pushing the faster way opens a little window with a list of entries. If you wish to utilize among these entries, start by positioning your cursor where you wish to paste the entry. Press Win + V and click on the entry.

There are numerous other choices here too. You can likewise enter emojis or kaomojis, or choose from among the numerous GIFs sources from Tenor

Access emojis and GIFs with Win +.

emojis and gifs in windows 11

Both people and organizations are significantly utilizing tools like Slack and VoIP phone systems as remote groups continue to end up being the standard. Naturally, there are likewise other messaging platforms that can be accessed by means of a desktop or laptop computer like Facebook messages and WhatsApp.

Texting on the phone is constantly enjoyable due to the fact that emojis are quickly available. They’re right there at the idea of your thumb. It takes an additional click or 2 on computer systems. That’s generally sufficient for individuals to avoid utilizing them entirely.

What if you like utilizing emojis and GIFs when you utilize Windows? Well, you do not require to quit on enjoyable discussions. Pushing the Windows secret +.(a complete stop) opens a little window from which you can access emojis and GIFs.

It’s the very same window we went over in the previous faster way, simply that this faster way opens a various tab because very same window from where you can access emojis and GIFs.

Start voice typing with Win + H

windows 11 voice typing

Have you ever been too exhausted to type? That’s when you can utilize the integrated voice typing tool in Windows. You can utilize the voice typing tool on Windows 11 as a dictation tool that’s happily precise to deal with. The voice typing tool not just enhances ease of access however likewise makes you more efficient since many people can typically speak faster than they type.

Whenever you’re utilizing a program like Microsoft Word or Google Docs on a Windows 11 computer system, you can push the Windows secret + H to introduce the voice typing tool. Presently, the tool supports practically all popular languages consisting of English, Croatian, Czech, Danish, Finnish, Hindi, Japanese, Spanish, and more. The complete list of supported languages is readily available on Microsoft’s site

Once you press Win + H, you’ll see a little window pop open. You can straight begin voice typing by clicking the mic icon, or you can alter settings by clicking the cog wheel icon. From Settings, you can make it possible for car punctuation or include fast gain access to for voice typing by allowing voice typing launcher.

When typing, you can likewise utilize commands like “brand-new line” for producing brand-new paragraphs. As soon as you end up determining, you can stop voice typing simply by stating “Stop dictation.” If you just wish to take a break, simply state “Pause dictation.”

Take a screenshot with Ctrl + Shift + S

screenshot with snipping tool in windows 11

Remember when you needed to utilize the PrtScn secret, paste screenshots in Microsoft Paint, crop them and conserve them to your PC? Luckily, that’s no longer an issue given that Microsoft presented the Snipping tool.

The Snipping tool lets you take a screenshot of a particular part of the screen, the complete screen, a particular window, or any chosen location (even with curves). There’s no requirement to paste the screenshot.

You can utilize this tool to take screenshots by pushing the Ctrl + Shift + S When you pick the location and launch the left-click button, you’ll see an alert in the notices panel revealing the screenshot. Click it and you’ll see a Snipping tool window pop open. Make last changes (crop, remove, turn, or draw) and press Ctrl + S to conserve the screenshot.

If you do not wish to conserve the screenshot, you can likewise push Ctrl + C while you’re in the Snipping tool window and after that paste the screenshot into a file or somewhere else. You likewise get the choice to straight share the screenshot through the apps set up on your PC.

While there are numerous other methods to take screenshots on Windows 11, utilizing the Snipping tool faster way is the most convenient.

Launch Microsoft Teams chat with Win + C

teams chat in windows 11

Microsoft Teams is Microsoft’s group cooperation app that assists remote groups remain gotten in touch with text and video-based interaction. When your group utilizes Microsoft Teams, you’ll likely be utilizing it often throughout the day for teaming up with colleagues and sharing updates with your senior citizens.

However, rather of needing to click through the icon from the taskbar, launch the app, and after that close it once again, you can simply utilize the faster way. Pushing the Windows secret + C brings up a docked window of Microsoft Teams talks.

You can see both private and group talks here. You can rapidly check out the chat or include an action and press Esc to leave the window. No clicks are needed. The docked window likewise has the alternative of beginning a conference immediately or setting up a conference for later on. If you require to begin a fast conference, utilizing this integrated Windows 11 function may be available in convenient.

Cast your screen with Win + K

cast screen windows 11

Say you’re resting on the sofa taking pleasure in a motion picture on Netflix and your brother or sister asks you to share the screen. Or you’re at the workplace and you require to rapidly reveal your group something on the cinema.

You can cast your screen, however you might believe, why go through all that problem? I’ll simply point the computer system’s screen to the whole group.

Well, now you do not require to fret about the prolonged procedure of entering into the settings app and getting in touch with your cordless display screen. Pushing the Windows secret + K on Windows 11 brings up a little window where you’ll discover all cordless display screens around you.

Just select one to rapidly cast your screen. If you can’t see any gadgets, inspect if Bluetooth is allowed on your computer system. You can simply push the back button at the top-left of the little window you opened with the Win + K faster way and see if Bluetooth is made it possible for.

Once you’re done casting the screen, you can utilize the exact same window to stop sharing your screen.

Open snap designs with Win + Z

snap layouts in windows 11

This faster way works in a different way on Windows 10 and Windows11 On Windows 10, the faster way reveals the commands readily available in an app in full-screen mode. When utilized on Windows 11, however, the faster way opens breeze designs permitting you to rapidly choose a design for stacking active windows.

Snap design is a brand-new function presented in Windows 11, so you will not discover it at all in Windows10 Naturally, you might stack windows horizontally and vertically on Windows 10 too, however there was no integrated function like breeze designs. Snap designs basically provide you a method to rapidly arrange several screens throughout your screen.

For circumstances, if you’re attempting to get input banking info into a window, the banking site will not let you paste any information. You can stack 2 windows side by side and copy your account information by hand into the internet browser window.

There are 2 designs for stacking 2 windows, 3 designs for stacking 3 windows, and one design for stacking 4 windows. There’s no integrated method to alter the measurements of the breeze designs. For that, you’ll require PowerToys FancyZone, a tool by Microsoft that influenced breeze designs.

Open the widgets panel with Win + W

widgets panel in windows 11

The widgets panel in Windows 11 permits keeping the desktop tidy. Widgets are set out in a panel that draws in from the left edge of your screen. When you require to inspect the stock exchange’s motion or simply the weather condition, a fast peek into the widgets panel can provide you an introduction of all the info you require.

On Windows 11, you can pull the widgets panel by pushing the Windows secret + W If you require to include more widgets, you can do that by clicking the plus button at the top-right of the widgets panel.

You’ll see lots of newspaper article occupied by default, however you can click “My interests” at the bottom of the panel and choose subjects that much better fit your interests. There aren’t lots of widgets offered at the minute. At the time of composing, there are 11 widgets. Ideally, Microsoft will quickly include third-party widgets to the list quickly. The present alternatives are relatively restricted.

Open Xbox Game Bar with Win + G

xbox game bar in windows 11

Windows included the Xbox Game Bar to Windows to permit players to record gameplay videos and take screenshots on the go. It’s an effective tool since players require a method to begin tape-recording gameplay without needing to leave the video game and release a third-party screen recording app.

To make things simpler for players, Windows included a faster way that permits players to rapidly introduce Xbox Game Bar. When you push the Windows secret + G, you’ll see numerous little windows pop open. In addition to screen recording, you’ll likewise see choices to manage volume, get a summary of the PC’s present efficiency, and a list of apps arranged by resource use, to name a few things.

Of course, you do not always require to utilize the Xbox Game Bar just when playing a video game. You can likewise utilize it for tape-recording your screen for other functions, such as developing a tutorial or describing something from a file to a worker.

Open Task View with Win + Tab

task view windows 11

Windows has actually come a long method in permitting users to arrange their work area. From breeze designs to virtual desktops, Windows users now have more choices to make sure a clutter-free user interface for keeping their windows arranged.

Task View is among the numerous work space company includes that lets you arrange your windows amongst numerous virtual desktops. If you’re working on 2 tasks at a time, you can produce 2 virtual desktops and open pertinent windows (files, web browser tabs, and other things) in different desktops. Doing this makes it simple to change in between tasks without needing to lose time sorting through lots of windows where it’s difficult to find out which job you opened the window for.

While there’s likewise a Task View icon in the taskbar, pushing the Windows secret+ Tab faster way makes it much easier to change in between Task View and desktops. You can likewise run under Task View completely from the keyboard if that’s your jam.

Launch the Task Manager Ctrl + Shift + Esc

task manager

The Task Manager is among the most effective tools on Windows. It provides you lots of important info about the total resource use of your system in addition to process-wise information. If you’re like the majority of people, you utilize the Task Manager the majority of the time either when your system hangs or when an app ends up being unresponsive and you require to “End job.”

There are numerous methods to introduce the Task Manager, however when your system isn’t reacting, practically all of those techniques will take frustratingly long to open the Task Manager. This is where the faster way for Task Manager is available in useful.

Pressing Ctrl + Shift + Esc releases the Task Manager. By default, it opens in the Processes tab where you can examine the resource utilized by all procedures and end the ones that are utilizing extreme resources. Naturally, you can likewise carry out a number of other actions with the Task Manager like changing to a particular window, opening the place of a particular program’s. exe file, or running a brand-new job, to name a few things.

Switch desktops with Ctrl + Win + Left/Right Arrow

switching virtual desktops windows 11

Windows 11 lets you produce numerous desktops called virtual desktops. Basically, you can utilize one computer system as if it were a number of by organizing windows desktop-wise. If you run lots of windows and deal with numerous jobs at a time, virtual desktops can assist keep whatever arranged so you can discover the window you require rapidly.

You can change virtual desktops by entering into Task View and choosing the proper virtual desktop from the bottom. This needs either clicking the Task View button in the taskbar or utilizing the Task View faster way.

What if you could rapidly change virtual desktops without having to go through the Task View initially? You can do that on Windows by pushing Win + Shift + Right Arrow Utilizing the ideal arrow secret takes you to greater desktop numbers (i.e., takes you from desktop 1 to desktop 2), while the left arrow secret takes you to lower desktop numbers (i.e., takes you from desktop 2 to desktop 1).

All faster ways talked about above can assist you increase performance, and if you like these faster ways, you may likewise wish to find out a couple of Windows 11 pointers and techniques to reconcile the brand-new os from Microsoft.

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