Cannes Podcast: Jellyfish CEO Rob Pierre thinks in focusing on platform partners as much as customers

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In the last installation of the Digiday Podcast from the 2022 Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity, I was signed up with by Rob Pierre, the irrepressible CEO and co-founder of Jellyfish, a network of companies and marketing services that focus on digital work and improvement.

Pierre identifies Jellyfish’s operating viewpoint from the firm holding business on a 2 crucial levels. For one, Jellyfish runs off one single P&L– no areas, no departments– and for another, the network focuses on the significant platforms as significantly as it does its customers.

” It sort of begun with us believing that we would enjoy our customers to treat us like partners, not suppliers. And, obviously, if that’s what we would like for us, you understand, we can’t treat our suppliers any in a different way,” stated Pierre, who began Jellyfish in2005 “And then it emerged that if they’re both partners, why would you treat them any in a different way? … So yeah, I really believe our company reversed when we chose, as an example, to deal with Google like our finest customer.”

New kinds of getting in touch with customers have actually gotten Pierre’s, and subsequently Jellyfish’s, attention, and he stated he wishes to make sure to put in the work to find out how and when to reach them. “If marketing is the money making of attention. it’s much more difficult to get somebody’s attention since it’s so diverse,” he stated. “It’s on many various platforms on various gadgets for extremely brief time periods. However where are individuals going to invest? Where are the eyeballs going to remain in the future? [W] e’re believing the metaverse is among them.”

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