SpaceX declares 5G strategy might ‘render Starlink unusable for the majority of Americans’

SpaceX has stated its U.S.-based Starlink clients will see their broadband service severely interrupted if Dish Network is enabled to utilize the 12 GHz band for its 5G cellular network.

The choice remains in the hands of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) as Dish Network and others such as New York-based RS Access lobby the company to let them utilize the 12 GHz band. SpaceX isn’t delighted.

” If Dish’s lobbying efforts prosper, our research study reveals that Starlink clients will experience damaging disturbance more than 77% of the time and overall blackout of service 74% of the time, rendering Starlink unusable for many Americans,” the business stated in a message published on its site on Tuesday, June 21.

The long-running disagreement includes a variety of business that are attempting to get to the 12 GHz band that SpaceX currently utilizes for its internet-from-space Starlink service

Dish has actually formerly released information recommending that ground-based 5G networks might easily share the frequency with low-Earth orbit satellite networks run by the similarity SpaceX for its Starlink service.

But today, SpaceX stated that technical research studies “going back as far as 2016” recommend that opening the band to ground-based 5G networks might negatively affect its Starlink service, and it even implicated Dish of trying to “misguide the FCC with defective analysis in hopes of obscuring the reality.”

The business led by billionaire business owner Elon Musk likewise shared a 12- page technical analysis discussing how mobile services pictured by Dish would “trigger huge interruptions to users of next-generation satellite services,” such as Starlink.

It discussed that a high-gain antenna, like the SpaceX user terminal, is “developed with adequate level of sensitivity to get really weak signals originating from a preferred transmitter,” including that “such antennas do not, nevertheless, ‘decline’ disturbance originating from other instructions.” The outcome is that disturbance would “totally eliminate the preferred signal.”

In extensively reported remarks, a Dish representative stated its “skilled engineers are assessing SpaceX’s claims.”

Dish revealed recently that it has actually introduced business 5G services in more than 100 U.S. cities– covering around 20% of the country’s population– by utilizing frequencies in other spectrum bands. Whether it can access the 12 GHz band as part of its 5G rollout stays to be seen.

SpaceX has actually introduced more than 2,500 Starlink satellites into orbit for its broadband service, which presently serves more than 400,000 consumers in 34 nations.

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