Release HN: Dioptra (YC W22)– Improve ML designs by enhancing their training information

Diagnose your design, curate your information, train. Repeat.

You can’t enhance what you can’t determine. Our ML metrics engine finds predisposition, drift and other design failure modes.

Improve your design by enhancing your information. Dioptra utilizes active finding out to curate the very best information to train at each action of the ML lifecycle.

Automate your ML workflows with Dioptra APIs. Trigger tasks on signals, calculate metrics as a service, curate the very best information and send them for labeling, immediately.

Built for disorganized information

Dioptra assists you check out and imagine your information. Whether you deal with images, text, audio or multi modal streams Dioptra has you covered.

Integrate flawlessly

We deal with any design, and platform

  • Lightweight SDKs

  • Up and running in minutes

  • With or without ground fact

Supercharge your Machine Learning

Reduce identifying expense by approximately

10 x

Shorten design version cycles by as much as


Increase your design enhancements by

5x-10 x

Case Studies

Source edge cases to enhance text category recall

A non revenue increased the recall of their hate speech category design by immediately sourcing edge cases with Dioptra.

Monitor speech transcription predisposition

A transcription business found predisposition versus accented female speakers on voice designs.

Generalize security computer system vision design

A business releasing security vision designs on the edge had the ability to source the next information to generalize their designs to brand-new places.

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