How to switch on FSR on the Steam Deck

The Steam Deck is fantastic, however it still seems like a little bit of a operate in development The bright side is that it has certainly advanced because its release. Valve’s updates have actually included much-requested functions and brand-new compatibility, and among those updates assisted enhance efficiency and visual quality with the intro of AMD’s Fidelity FX Super Resolution, or FSR.

If you are having difficulty stabilizing a functional frame rate and an appropriate resolution for your preferred video games– specifically when using a screen– then the Steam Deck’s FSR compatibility might make a big distinction.

If you wish to maximize your Steam Deck, here’s how to allow FSR.

What is FSR on the Steam Deck, anyhow?

FSR is an AMD innovation that means FidelityFX Super Resolution, with the current variation being FSR 2.0. Essentially, it works to high end and enhance the resolution of your video games so that they can keep up more information without jeopardizing as much on the frame rate. That’s specifically practical for a system like the Steam Deck, which can have a hard time to reach greater resolutions for particular video games, specifically if you are linked to a screen for a bigger screen. Valve has actually even reported that utilizing FSR can substantially save money on battery life for the Steam Deck for particular video games.

Some video games have natural assistance for FSR, however on the Steam Deck, FSR can be allowed in the settings to assist on all video games you use the system. Here’s what you require to do.

How to switch on FSR on the Steam Deck

Step 1: While you remain in a video game you wish to enhance, push the QAM(Quick Access Menu) button on the Steam Deck. That’s the “…” button the right-hand side.

Step 2: In the menu, move down up until you reach the Performance area, suggested by the battery icon.

Go the Deck Performance menu.

Step 3: In the Performance area, choose the Advanced view choice to see all the possible functions.

Step 4: Scroll down up until you get to the Scaling filter slider. Move this all the method to the right to the setting that states FSR

The Scaling Filter in the Steam Deck.

Step 5: Note that right listed below this area there is an alternative for FSR sharpness In the meantime, you can max it out. You might wish to go back to this slider later and have fun with it, particularly if you are having frame rate problems in the video game you are upscaling.

Step 6: You aren’t done rather. To make it possible for FSR, open your in-game menu and search for an alternative to set the resolution, generally in the video or graphics area (listed below is where to search in Half Life 2). Set the resolution considerably listed below the native or default level, ideally 720 p or lower. You require to drop the resolution for the Deck to acknowledge the circumstance and start FSR. Now you need to be prepared to play.

The Steam Deck menu for Half Life 2.

Step 7: If you aren’t seeing any resolution modifications at the exact same frame rate, inspect your screen settings. Attempt toggling the full-screen mode on and off to see if that assists. That you might have to play around with your resolution settings, too. FSR often works best to assist increase your frame rate and in some cases to bump up the resolution, and the very best result typically depends upon the video game that you are playing.

Did you delight in tweaking your Steam Deck to allow FSR? Here are 9 other suggestions and techniques you require to understand to maximize your Steam Deck.

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