The Hidden Disco Lights Feature Mini Cooper Owners Need To Try

Mini Cooper interior


Carmakers have a history of including eccentric functions to their brand-new cars. The Toyota Van( yes, Toyota called its minivan the Van) revealed in 1984 included an optional ice maker; this shoebox-sized mini-refrigerator came basic with spill-proof ice trays (per Popular Mechanics). And after that we have Honda with its first-gen City, a little and cost-effective hatchback that came optional with the brand name’s renowned Motocompo scooter. According to Motor Trend, the Motocompo weighs under 100 pounds, has a 49 cc two-stroke engine, and shops nicely in the trunk of any JDM Honda City or Honda Today Kei cars and truck. The mix enables chauffeurs to park their City and make last-mile journeys on a more affordable, brightly-painted tribute to Honda’s motorcycling competence.

It would be difficult not to discuss the Tesla Model X when speaking about wacky vehicle functions. Teslas are more like mobile phones than traditional lorries, and the Model X presented the Party Mode if you wish to have more enjoyable with your electrical SUV. It’s comparable to the Celebration Mode function that flashes strobe lights, opens and closes the rear falcon doors, and rolls down the windows in tune with celebratory music.

However, the Mini Cooper has a more uncomplicated yet comparable function that owners can take pleasure in. If you have a Mini with interior ambient lighting, you require to understand about the concealed disco light function that might make your sport-compact coupe seem like a Tesla.

The Mini Cooper’s disco mode

Mini Cooper F56 Interior


Mini initially used the ambient lighting function from the 2006 second-gen R56 Cooper hatchback to the present F55 and F56 hatchback. Interior ambient lighting is likewise a basic function in the all-electric Cooper SE that debuted in2020 The brightened center ring in the Mini Cooper can alter colors depending upon the picked setting. It can operate as a rev counter, modification colors when choosing driving modes, or offer ambient lighting in numerous colors. You can set up the settings by adjusting the center controller and cycle rapidly in between various light colors by pushing a turn on the roofing console.

But there’s more. If you press and hold the roofing switch for about 10 seconds, you will trigger disco mode, and the lights will cycle through its offered variety of colors. Some may call this special function a diversion, however we believe it’s a good touch. Oh, and we’re positive kids will dig it, too. If you have a 2021 or more recent Mini, the kind folks at Mini F56 have actually reported that the newest Mini redesign has actually lowered the number of lighting colors to 6, which is perhaps the outcome of the continuous chip lack that’s afflicting every market you can possibly imagine.

The Mini Cooper stays readily available as a two-door or four-door hatchback and a convertible with a folding roofing system. The basic engine is a turbocharged 1.5-liter three-cylinder mill that pumps out 134 horse power and 164 lb-ft of torque. The Cooper S has a turbocharged 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine with 189 horse power and 207 lb-ft of torque. The Mini avoids daily usefulness for design and driving enjoyment, which’s fine for individuals who value the automobile’s undying vintage appeal.

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