Is digital ID still the missing out on link for the UK’s digital economy?

While development has actually been made, the federal government’s proposed digital ID trust structure requires more work– and the tech market wishes to have more input

Julian David


Published: 15 Jun 2022

In2020, following the publication of its digital identity whitepaper , TechUK required market and federal government to totally acknowledge that, to guarantee our financial future, the UK needs to develop a genuinely digital economy.

TechUK and its members strongly think the advancement of a flourishing digital economy is asserted on the production of a safe, versatile and completely interoperable digital ID community that works for people, market, civil society and federal government alike.

The UK Digital Identity and Attributes Trust Frameworkfrom the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport( DCMS )is now in its 3rd year of advancement and, while some considerable advancements have actually been observed, the market still discovers itself withouta clear date by which the UK trust structure will become released.

This leaves lots of concerns worrying the applicability of the present engagement design used by DCMS as the advancement of the structure reaches a vital phase, while we are losing out on the complete capacity that digital ID can open for the UK economy, consisting of a GDP bump of as much as 3% as approximated by consultancy McKinsey

To this end, among the suggestions in TechUK’s digital ID whitepaper is that both DCMS and market stakeholders produce a formalised joint working group to speed up the shipment of the UK trust structure. This modified and structured engagement design– with significantly enhanced interaction in between the 2 sets of stakeholders– will make sure that the recognition, assessment and rapid resolution of the staying obstacles within the structure take place more effectively, efficiently and much faster.

It ought to be clear to everybody interested indigital identity in the UK that reliable policy need to appraise how the market works to make sure that its arrangements are both suitable for function and show the restraints and restrictions of the innovation.

To guarantee this occurs, DCMS will require the ministerial support and devoted resources required to considerably minimize the timeframe for this application. The production of a long-term independent governance body to assist both market and federal government browse the technological, social, regulative and legal difficulties that will unquestionably affect the UK digital ID community as it progresses ought to be a must-do action in the advancement of the UK trust structure.

“It must be clear to everybody interested in digital identity in the UK that reliable guideline should appraise how the market works to guarantee that its arrangements are both suitable for function and show the restrictions and restrictions of the innovation”
Julian David, TechUK

Accordingly, the capability to additional optimise the structure to permit these modifications need to be integrated, with a governance structure that consists of both public and personal stakeholders able to respond rapidly and efficiently to market modification.

Both federal government and market stakeholders desire a completely working structure up and running as quickly as possible. However, this will not occur unless action is taken in numerous locations where the market still sees an absence of certainty regarding the method forward, especially in relation to the timeline related to the legal modifications needed to completely support the trust structure.

Themarket desires closer engagement with federal government to resolve this difficulty. By developing a joint industry/government taskforce to drive a sped up shipment of the UK trust structure, we can:

  • Resolve concerns around controversial “relying celebration” flow-down conditions, scams management and user contract phrasings in the structure.
  • Streamline and optimise the problem resolution procedure.
  • Remove unneeded intricacy in the structure in general.
  • Deliver clearness on how appropriate information policy reforms will affect the structure.
  • Provide higher clearness on how the UK trust structure and the One Login for Government service will co-exist.

TechUK works carefully with its members to guarantee their voice is heard by the federal government and the rest of the market. If your business runs in the digital identity sector and you wish to join us in solving the UK’s digital identity difficulty, get in contact with us . We require varied voices around the table to guarantee we get this done rapidly and, more significantly, done.

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