Fortune’s Keep will change Call of Duty: Warzone’s renowned Rebirth Island map

Activision will change Warzone’s precious Rebirth Island with a brand-new map called Fortune’s Keep. The map will apparently pertain to Warzone together with season 4, which is set to begin on or around June22 A map of the brand-new Fortune’s Keep island can be seen listed below, thanks to the main Call of Duty Twitter account.

Thank you to our neighborhood for assisting expose Fortune&' s Keep, a brand-new #Warzone Resurgence map, where the quantity of risk and action is 2nd just to its riches

Coming quickly

&& mdash; Call of Duty (@CallofDuty) June13,2022

The map was exposed in a strange method, as Activision sent real-life cakes to numerous Call of Duty influencers, with partial pictures of the brand-new map on top. Ultimately, the neighborhood pieced together the map in its totality.

For some factor @CallofDuty sent me a Cake, question if it has anything to do with brand-new map that is expected to be quick paced and close quarters.

Thoughts? #WarzoneResurgence #FortunesKeep

&& mdash; James– JGOD (@JGODYT) June 13, 2022

Fortune’s Keep will supposedly be more than 3 times the size of Rebirth Island. It will provide much more opportunities for action and maintain the hectic gameplay design Rebirth Island gamers understand and like. According to leaker The Ghost of Hope, Rebirth Island will be obliterated to give way for Fortune’s Keep, though this has actually not been validated by Activision. It’s possible a brand-new limited-time occasion will occur prior to the upcoming season that discusses why Fortune’s Keep will change Rebirth Island.

Rebirth Island was cherished by the neighborhood, partially since it provided a much faster-paced take on the fight royale formula. It was restricted to just 40 gamers, implying matches were frequently vigorous when compared to the fights in Verdansk and Caldera, which were topped at 120 gamers. Renewal Island likewise enables gamers to respawn considerably so long as a minimum of one colleague lives, making it a lot more friendly than the conventional fight royale mode. Fortune’s Keep will still make use of that respawn mechanic, though it’ll likely include a considerable number of brand-new modifications.

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