This Steam Deck dock was 3D printed and it may make a main dock unimportant

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In lieu of Valve not having its own dock for the Steam Deck yet, one Redditor 3D printed their own personalized cradle for the system, and it looks as excellent as anything Valve may create.

The Reddit user in concern, Hannover2k(opens in brand-new tab), developed the dock by transforming a Dock-Teck DD0003 USB-C center accessory. They likewise included numerous other ports consisting of 2 USB 3.0 slots, an SD/MicroSD slot, an HDMI and LAN ports, and a 45 w USB C-Charge port passthrough.

( Image credit: Hannover2k)

The level of workmanship in this Steam Deck cradle looks outstanding and might result in much more 3D printed docks in the future. Steam has actually partnered with iFixit to supply main replacement parts for the console, so purchasers will not need to rely on third-party sources for those, however if you’re trying to find a Steam Deck dock, then a minimum of this custom-printed dock may motivate some DIY alternatives amongst Steam Deck owners.

Analysis: could third-party and DIY Steam Deck docks make a main dock unimportant?

With the current and frustrating news of the Steam Deck’s docking station being forever postponed due to COVID-related production obstacles, it appears that users will need to rely on third-party providers and, significantly, themselves to fill the Steam Deck devices space.

There are currently numerous third-party docking stations like the UGreen USB-C Multiport Adapter or the j5create USB C Docking Station, plus lots of other alternatives on websites like Etsy. Simply like Hannover2k, there are more purchasers who are effectively 3D printing their own docks.

If Valve can’t resovle its supply chain concerns, this emerging third-party and DIY market might seriously cut into its sales once it does launch a main variation.

On the other hand, users providing their own docks and nestles might suggest that Valve will not need to fret about launching one itself, and even might silently retire strategies to produce them. This would have the included advantage of letting the business concentrate on Steam Deck production rather, which is still in high need as it is.

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