How To Use Your Phone As A Remote For Android Television

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If your Android television remote does not have the voice search function powered by the Google Assistant– or if you choose a keyboard over the D-pad of Android television remotes– you can wirelessly manage your Android television with your smart device (through Google).

The main virtual remote from Google is a feature-rich app that utilizes your phone’s default keyboard for searches. It likewise uses a touchpad for hassle-free navigation (in addition to the directional pad), supports the Google Assistant, and lets you quickly copy-paste text and links. It’ll come in helpful if you’ve lost the Television remote or if it’s not working. And when it’s established, you do not require to introduce the app each time; the virtual remote toggle can be pinned in the alert shade of your Android smart device for fast gain access to.

The Google television app has actually been offered on Android for a while, however simply recently made its method to iOS — here’s how to utilize the app to turn your smart device into a remote for your Android television.

How to utilize your phone as a remote for Android television

Before you match your Android television with your mobile phone, ensure that both gadgets are linked to the very same Wi-Fi network. On your Android television, browse to Settings > > Network & & Accessories > Advanced > > Network Status to verify the name of your Wi-Fi Network.

  1. Install the Google television app (previously Play Movies and Television) from the Play Store or the iOS App Store, depending upon your gadget. The virtual remote is constructed into this app.

  2. Tap the television Remote button on the bottom of the screen to release it.

  3. Allow it to scan for gadgets and select yours from the list that appears. If the gadget does not appear, attempt restarting your Android television.

  4. Punch in the six-digit code that turns up on your television screen.

  5. Wait for the pairing procedure to end up; you can now wirelessly manage the Android television with your phone.

  6. To change in between swipe and directional pad controls, struck the three-dot menu button on top of the virtual remote and select your favored mode.

Shortcuts and troubleshooting

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You can constantly fire up the Google television app to utilize the virtual remote, however a faster way toggle is quicker and easier. Here’s how to produce the faster way on Android (sorry iOS users):

  1. Pull down the notice shade and tap the edit button (the small pen icon) on the bottom.

  2. Scroll to discover the television Remote toggle in the alert shade.

  3. Drag and drop it to the top of the notice panel (your switches will be reorganized).

  4. The television Remote switch will be pinned in the notice location when you release.

If you encounter a mistake throughout the set-up, you can attempt to repair the problem. Ensure your television and phone are on the very same WiFi, utilizing the actions set out above. Attempt combining the 2 gadgets by means of Bluetooth. Rebooting your television and phone may likewise fix the issue. Presuming everything goes efficiently, you will not require the television remote the next time you switch on your television. Rather, you can rapidly introduce the virtual Remote from the notice toggle and wirelessly manage your television with your phone.

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