No, EA hasn’t deserted Battlefield 2042– in spite of the absurd state of Season 1

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EA is rushing to do harm control after a market expert stated Battlefield 2042 has actually been relegated to a “skeleton team” to concentrate on the series’ next installation.

Jeff Grubb spilled the Battlefield 2042 beans on his Giant Bomb reveal Grubbsnax. According to Grubb, the video game has actually been entrusted to a barebones dev group who’ve been charged with producing the guaranteed seasonal material as rapidly and inexpensively as possible.

But EA has actually weighed in to state that’s absolutely not the case. The Battlefield Season 1 material is dropping today with a single map, a brand-new weapon, one expert, and 2 helicopters. Which has actually left fans’ plumes distinctly ruffled– simply take a look at posts on the subreddit(opens in brand-new tab)

” This video game is generally down to a skeleton team,” stated Grubb (by means of VGC(opens in brand-new tab)). “It’s down to like the bare bones and those individuals are particularly simply dealing with the guaranteed extra seasons that the video game requires to satisfy the requirements of the high-end variation that it offered.”

Grubb colorfully explains the present state of advancement as “desert ship time”. He includes that “the skeleton team is working to pump that things out the fastest and the most affordable it potentially can.”

On GrubbSnax today, I stated that Battlefield is down to a skeleton team that is attempting to fulfill its DLC responsibilities. EA has actually connected to state this is false. d9pMM June 8, 2022

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Apparently, EA is currently turning its focus to the next video game in the Battlefield franchise, leaving this little group to manage all 4 seasons of live service material anticipated to drop throughout the year.

” They’re doing this to move everybody on to the brand-new Battlefield as quick as possible. The genuine core team of Battlefield designers are currently dealing with [the next title].”

EA has actually reacted to Grubb’s claims, calling them “false” in a declaration he shared on Twitter(opens in brand-new tab) The publisher states it has a “considerable group throughout studios” beavering away on Battlefield2042 The devs are apparently dealing with “developing and enhancing the Battlefield 2042 experience for all gamers.”

If EA desires individuals to accept that line, we ‘d much better see some prompt and good seasonal material launch quickly. Since today, the existing material isn’t doing a really persuading task by itself.

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