Fate 2: How to open the Jötunn Catalyst

Jötunn, the unique combination rifle in Destiny 2, is understood for its capability to eliminate Hive wizards and oppose guardians in an immediate. It’s a questionable weapon, one that can turn reasonably knowledgeable hands into a Guardian trashing device. And now it’s getting back at much better, with a brand name brand-new driver. We have whatever you require to learn about how to open the Jötunn Catalyst and what it does.

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A text menu of the various Destiny 2 catalysts, identifying where to find the jötunn catalyst.

Finding the Jötunn Catalyst

If you wish to supercharge your Jötunn with the driver, then you require to hang out in Playlist Activities. That suggests introducing either the Vanguard, Crucible, or Gambit Playlists. The Jötunn Catalyst has actually gone into the loot swimming pool as a random drop from among these activities. Which Playlist and trouble do not appear to matter. Simply begin grinding (possibly get some bounties to deal with while you exist) and await your old pal Random Chance to smile upon you and drop the Catalyst into your stock.

Two enemies are vaporized by a blast from Jötunn in Destiny 2.

Powering up and utilizing the Catalyst

Now that you have the Catalyst, equip it onto Jötunn. It requires to be Masterworked prior to its bonus offers appear. This implies you require to get 500 eliminates with Jötunn. You can take it sluggish and simply let the eliminates collect gradually, or you can discover a location bristling with opponents that you can rapidly renovate once again and once again. The Shuro Chi encounter of the Last Wish raid is excellent for this sort of thing, as it tosses a Taken stockpile at you and offers you a banner to regrow your ammunition after every death. Or, simply keep battling problems in the Castellum aboard the Leviathan. Despite how you do it, fry your opponents up until your kill counter strikes 500.

So what do you get for a totally masterworked Jötunn Catalyst? It’s everything about crowd control. The very first benefit is much faster charge time or draw time when surrounded by contenders. As charge time is the main weak point of blend rifles, that is substantial. You get a perk where beating a target spreads out burn to those neighboring. Illuminate one bad man, then see it spread out like wildfire. The radius of the scorch boosts versus guardians and more effective enemies, so this might be excellent for all at once doing DPS on a manager and cleaning out the weaker includes.

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