The United States changes Japan as the leader on Top500 supercomputer list with AMD-powered Frontier

What simply occurred? The most effective supercomputer worldwide no longer originates from Japan: it’s a maker from the United States powered by AMD hardware. Oak Ridge National Laboratory’s Frontier is likewise the world’s very first main exascale supercomputer, reaching 1.102 ExaFlop/s throughout its continual Linpack run.

Japan’s A64 X-based Fugaku system had actually held the primary area on the Top500 list for the last 2 years with its 442 petaflops of efficiency. Frontier smashed that record by attaining 1.1 ExaFlops in the Linpack FP64 criteria, though the system’s peak efficiency is ranked at 1.69 ExaFlops.

Frontier has some outstanding specifications: its 74 cabinets each weigh 8,000 pounds and are loaded with 9,408 HPE Cray EX nodes. Each node is powered by an AMD “Trento” 7A53 Epyc CPU along with 4 AMD Radeon Instinct MI250 X GPUs and 512 GB of DDR4 memory. That relates to 602,112 CPU cores and 4.6 petabytes of DDR4 memory. In addition, the 37,888 GPUs include 8,138,240 cores and have 4.6 petabytes of HBM memory (128 GB per GPU).

The liquid-cooled system likewise make use of 200 Gbit/second Slingshot-11 adjoin material and functions 37 petabytes of node-local storage, 716 petabytes of center-wide storage, 75 TB/s of throughput, and 15 billion IOPS of efficiency. Its power performance has actually likewise made it the primary area on the Green500 list, thanks to the 52.23 gigaflops per watt.

Frontier taking the leading area suggests American systems are now in initially, 4th, 5th, seventh, and 8th positions in the leading 10 of the Top500 AMD powers 5 of the leading 10 makers, while Intel powers simply one– China’s Tianhe-2A, which utilizes Xeon E5-2692 v2 Ivy Bridge CPUs.

Although Frontier is the very first main exascale computer system, 2 Chinese computer systems– Sunway Oceanlite and Tianhe-3– are thought to have actually currently broken the 1 ExaFlop barrier, reaching 1.3 ExaFlops in the Linpack criteria, however the computer systems have actually not been sent to the Top500 list.

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