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GFXBench is a totally free, cross-platform and cross-API 3D graphics criteria that determines graphics efficiency, long-lasting efficiency stability, render quality and power intake with a single, user friendly application.

Complete graphics efficiency analysis with numerous tests. While the top-level tests (Car Chase, Manhattan 3.1, Manhattan) put your gadget to an extensive graphics efficiency analysis with game-like material, low-level tests procedure particular graphics efficiency elements (Driver Overhead 2, ALU 2, Tessellation, Texturing). In order to supply the most ideal efficiency screening, GFXBench discovers the API level supported by your gadget and runs the pertinent top-level tests.

As a real cross-API standard, GFXBench supports all the industry-standard and vendor-specific APIs consisting of OpenGL, OpenGL ES, Vulkan, Metal, DirectX/Direct3D and DX12


  • Vulkan, Metal, OpenGL ES 3.2, Desktop OpenGL, DirectX11, DirectX12
  • Benchmark for low-level APIs
  • Graphics and calculate shaders
  • Android, Windows

Car Chase

  • OpenGL ES 3.1 with Android Extension Pack, Desktop OpenGL
  • Hardware tessellation
  • Graphics and calculate shaders
  • Android, Windows

Manhattan 3.1

  • OpenGL ES 3.1, Desktop OpenGL, Metal
  • Compute shaders
  • Android, iOS, Windows


  • OpenGL ES 3.0, Desktop OpenGL, Metal, DirectX11
  • Multiple render target (deferred making)
  • Geometry instancing change feedback
  • Android, iOS, OSX, Windows, Windows Phone 8 and RT

Forward-looking: developed to evaluate brand-new low-level APIs (Metal, Vulkan, DX12)

  • GFXBench is the sneak preview criteria to support low-level APIs such as Metal, Vulkan and DirectX12 The tests are presently under advancement and are readily available for our business partners. Contact us if you wish to sign up with the advancement procedure!

Comprehensive standard for continual efficiency, power and quality

  • GFXBench is developed for determining continual, long-lasting graphics efficiency, render quality and power usage in a single, user friendly application.
  • The battery and stability test determines the gadget’s battery life and efficiency stability by logging frames-per-second efficiency (FPS) and anticipated battery running time, while the render quality test determines the visual fidelity supplied by your gadget

Clear interface and full-feature abilities

  • The user friendly interface allows test choices for more tailored screening, in-application gadget contrasts within and available outcomes history management. It likewise offers a comprehensive system info on the gadget. GFXBench procedures temperature level, CPU clock and frame time at each tests and supply charts of the outcomes. The customer variation readily available on the popular application shops includes all the test functions consisted of in the business edition.

What’s New:

  • Android variation upgraded to 5.0.5
  • Network authentication problem has actually been repaired.

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