How To Fix Your OnePlus When It’s Charging Slowly

Modern OnePlus phones include blistering quick charging assistance. With wattage peaking at 65 W, the supported power bricks can provide a complete recharge in under half an hour. To avoid battery destruction, OnePlus immediately slows down the charging speed when you leave the phone plugged in over night. Or if the battery level is above 80%.

But even outside these presets, some notification a drop in charging efficiency. Your OnePlus may be fast-charging at a slower rate or not fast-charging at all. An ambient temperature level that’s too hot or cold or a loose wire connection can in some cases be accountable for sluggish charging speeds. If your phone regularly stops working to strike the peak charging speed, an easy repair might restore it.

Before you think about purchasing a brand-new battery charger, resetting your phone, or taking it to the OnePlus customer care center, clear out the charging port (by means of Android Authority). Dust, dirt, wetness, and frequently lint can block your USB port with time, restricting the phone’s charging abilities. Here’s how to repair your OnePlus when it’s charging gradually.

How to clean up the OnePlus charging port

First, analyze your phone’s USB port under a brilliant light from various angles. Unless you scrub the port every couple of months, you’ll discover dirt and gunk lodged into its crevices. Wetness can likewise solidify the accumulation, making it hard to remove. With the right tools and a bit of elbow grease, you can clean all the dust and particles from your OnePlus charging port.

You’ll require a flashlight or light, a toothpick or a cotton swab, and a compressed air duster or bulb syringe. Specialists suggest utilizing wood toothpicks or cotton bud since they’re non-conductive and do not disrupt the circuitry. Sharp metal carries out like thumbtacks and security pins can scratch and harm the delicate USB port (through Asurion). Prevent blowing air on the phone due to the fact that your breath includes wetness, making the cleansing even more difficult.

To begin, shut off your OnePlus. And utilize the compressed air duster or bulb syringe to clean out any loose dust and dirt. Next, carefully and thoroughly scrape the accumulation with the toothpick or cotton swab. Utilize a flashlight or light to reach the tight corners. You can likewise tilt the phone or offer it small taps to clean out the scrapings. Round off with a couple of more bursts of compressed air. Turn your phone on and test if the sluggish charging is repaired.

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