The Aya Neo 2 and Aya Neo Slide have specifications that might challenge the Steam Deck

Handheld maker Aya Neo is including the Aya Neo 2 and Aya Neo Slide to its lineup of portable PC video gaming gadgets, both of which are set to include an updated Ryzen 7 6800 U chip and a Radeon 680 M incorporated GPU with RDNA 2 graphics, according to a report from Liliputing The Radeon 680 M iGPU can pressing 3.38 teraflops, more than double the 1.6 teraflops provided by the Steam Deck.

As explained by Tom’s Hardware, the Ryzen 7 6800 APU(sped up processing system) features 8 cores and works on the faster Zen 3 plus architecture. It likewise features the incorporated Radeon 680 M iGPU, which has 12 calculate systems (CUs). For contrast, the Steam Deck has a quad-core AMD APU that operates on the older Zen 2 architecture and an iGPU with RDNA 2 graphics and 8 CUs. Evaluating by these specifications, the Neo 2 and Neo Slide might have the possible to surpass the Steam Deck– however we will not understand for sure up until we see the gadgets in action.

The Aya Neo 2 has actually rounded corners and a Nintendo-like color pattern.
Image: Aya Neo

While both the Slide and Neo 2 run Windows and featured assistance for LPDDR5-6400 RAM, Aya states the Neo 2 will likewise include PCIe 4.0 storage, USB 4.0 ports, along with a finger print scanner. In addition to sporting some internal upgrades, the outside of the gadget has actually likewise been revamped. The Neo 2 swaps its predecessor’s more difficult edges for more rounded corners, making it look a lot more like the Aya Neo Next gadget the business launched previously this year. It likewise has actually an upgraded dark/ light gray color design that advises me of Nintendo’s timeless consoles.

The Neo Slide, nevertheless, includes a lot more intriguing style. As its name suggests, the screen moves as much as expose a backlit RGB keyboard, sort of like a bigger variation of the Motorola Droid 4(and other old phones) that have the exact same performance. It’s uncertain how well this will work, however it would be quite cool to move up your screen and begin typing to buddies without much disturbance to gameplay.

The screen on the Aya Neo Slide goes up to expose an RGB keyboard.
Image: Aya Neo

Aya Neo didn’t offer release dates for the Neo Slide or Neo 2, however states they’re coming later on this year. And while there aren’t any prices information either, the gadgets most likely will not be inexpensive– the Aya Neo, Aya Neo Pro, and Aya Neo Next all expense over $1,000, far more than the $399 beginning rate of the Steam Deck. We might see prices that’s (ideally) closer to the Steam Deck with Aya Neo’s upcoming entry-level Neo Air, however there will undoubtedly be a compromise when it concerns efficiency.

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