This Oculus Quest 2 Hack Lets You Use Discord And Spotify

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One of the terrific functions of PC VR that gets lost in the shift to Meta’s fully-portable Quest VR is the capability to deal with numerous applications simultaneously. A user can socialize with pals in Discord at the exact same time as they overlay aspects of streaming services like Spotify without ever leaving their VR video game or software application. Obviously, the Meta Quest 2 is completely efficient in dealing with these procedures in the background, and you can begin utilizing Discord or Spotify on your Meta Quest 2 with a couple of easy actions not formally approved by Meta.

According to UploadVR, the broadened Quest performance is offered by method of a custom-made tool called Oculess (here on Github), which was established by Quest hackers Basti564 and Threethan. In order to establish the tool and get it dealing with your Meta Quest 2, you’ll require to very first established SideQuest, which can be done through a desktop PC or on an Android phone There are 2 different procedures that you’ll require to go through in order to get Oculess working.

How to Set Up SideQuest

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The very first important procedure is getting SideQuest itself working and linked to your Quest gadget. You’ll require a USB-C cable that can link your PC or Android phone to your Quest headset. You’ll likewise require to sign up the Meta account connected to your Quest gadget as an Oculus Developer Do not fret, you will not really require to establish anything, you simply require to be able to make it possible for Developer mode and toggle on USB Connections within your Quest’s Settings -> > System -> > Developer menu. We advise following the particular directions on the SideQuest site, which is likewise where you can get all the needed chauffeurs for your PC.

Setting up Oculess is quite basic once you’ve currently gotten SideQuest up and running on your PC or Android phone. Download the most current Oculess APK from GitHub, which is Oculess v1.3.3 as of May 13,2022 The most recent release is likewise included on the ideal side of the GitHub directory site that we connected to earlier. According to Basti564 in the video above, you’ll wish to follow a couple of extra actions prior to you can conveniently run Discord and Spotify in the background of your Meta Quest 2 VR experience.

How to Set Up Oculess in Meta Quest 2

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Now for the 2nd procedure: getting Oculess and your other apps established within the Quest 2, and allowing background access to audio. You will require to be acquainted with the command-line user interface procedure in SideQuest or the Oculus Developer Hub in order to perform action 5.

After downloading the Oculess APK, you’ll require APK declare any Android app that you run in the background, that includes Discord and Spotify. Basti564 recommends utilizing APKPure to source such files, however you can likely discover upgraded APK files hosted at other sites by querying “Discord APK” and “Spotify APK” in 2 different searches through Google Search.

  1. Once you have each APK file all set to sideload into your Meta Quest 2, load up SideQuest on your linked PC or Android phone.
  2. In SideQuest on your PC, click the little box with an arrow pointing down (the button that’ll set up APK files), and load each APK file, consisting of Oculess, Spotify, and Discord. On Android, any installable APK files ought to appear in your primary SideQuest menu.
  3. In the Meta Quest 2, browse to Unknown Sources in your app list. Open Oculess, then “Remove Accounts,” then eliminate your Oculus account.
  4. Reconnect your Quest 2 to SideQuest, then trigger the ADB command “adb shell dpm set-device-owner com.bos.oculess/. DevAdminReceiver”
  5. Return to Oculess within your Quest 2, then choose “Enable Background Audio for Installed Apps”.

Now you can take pleasure in a smooth experience when filling up Spotify or Discord within your Quest 2 VR headset! From here on out, you just require to bear in mind to duplicate action 6 each time you reboot your Quest 2.

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