AMD’s flagship RDNA 3 GPU might not have a brand new style after all

AMD Radeon RX 6700 XT shown side-on

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AMD’s next-gen flagship graphics card (Navi 31, probably the RX 7900 XT) might not go for a multi-chip module (MCM) style sporting 2 different GPUs as formerly reported, and might stick to a single GPU (as generally utilized) rather.

Before we enter into this, we need to make it clear that the double GPU report is simply that– speculation that Team Red will construct the flagship around a set of GCDs (graphics calculate passes away)– as is the possibility that AMD may stick with the existing monolithic style it has actually constantly utilized for its Radeon customer graphics cards

With that securely in mind, numerous sources, consisting of 3DCenter and RedGamingTech(as PC Gamer found, the YouTuber highlights that numerous popular Twitter leakers have actually participated with this speculation), are now arguing it may be the case that Navi 31 will keep up simply the one GCD.

The theory is that AMD might utilize a setup of one primary GCD (5nm), attached to 6 memory chiplets (MCDs, developed on 6nm), which would be a 7 chiplet style.

RedGamingTech thinks that we will see Navi 31 sporting 12,288 cores, which it’ll keep up 24 GB of VRAM, more than the 16 GB quantity formerly reported (with a 384- bit memory user interface).

Analysis: Two turns into one? Possibly, or perhaps not …

As PC Gamer recommends, it might hold true that AMD has actually not had the ability to understand the imagine having 2 GPU chips collaborating perfectly, so they’re just viewed as a single GPU by the system– preventing the issues and issues that have actually traditionally pestered the similarity SLI and CrossFire services where 2 graphics cards are connected together. (In those cases, you do not get two times the efficiency– the uptick might be much less than that, and other concerns can emerge too).

In short, it’s a tough problem to take on, and RedGamingTech asserts that they’re ‘quite positive’ AMD has actually deserted the 2 GCD setup ( which was likewise reported to be for Navi 32, by the way), and will now keep up a single GCD. RedGamingTech does make it clear that they’re not particular, however, and warns versus being too sure on this point. And certainly some other leakers disagree that AMD is swerving far from the 2 GCD style for Navi 31.

Coreteks argues that AMD is staying with the formerly reported strategy, asserting that the variety of patents the business has relating to a brand-new style with numerous GPU chips recommends this is the path Team Red plans to take. And likewise that having a single GPU with the thought 6 memory chiplets does not make good sense from a latency perspective (a crucial factor to consider for video gaming efficiency).

What all this highlights is how unpredictable the report mill is even at this reasonably late phase of advancement for RDNA 3 graphics cards The cards might be out in around 4 months, after all, if speculation on the launch timeframe shows right, and it still isn’t clear whether the basic style for the next-gen will sport numerous GPUs or not. All we can do is enjoy this area for the time being.

Whatever the case concerning the specific style, all the hardware leakers are anticipating an effective flagship from AMD, and one that might well run rings around Nvidia’s next-gen Lovelace leading canine for power-efficiency (with Team Green reported to be going extremely heavy on the power use).

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