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Discord is a cross-platform voice and text chat app initially developed for players, however given that discovering mainstream appeal, all type of neighborhoods have actually moved to it. Even TechSpot personnel have actually moved far from Slack to utilize Discord full-time rather.

Discord was developed to bring individuals together around video games. You’ve taught us that it can be utilized for a lot more. Individuals utilize Discord for all sort of hanging out: from live karaoke nights, to screenshare group painting, to virtual wedding event celebrations. Individuals develop Discord servers for video gaming, yoga classes, funny fan clubs, and even run whole podcasting services. Discord is for anybody who might utilize a location to talk with their buddies and neighborhoods.

Download Discord and experience modern-day chat:

  • Voice chat: Join voice channels and chat with your group
  • Real-time messaging: Share video, images, and text in abundant chat
  • Push alerts: Never miss out on a thing with @mentions and direct messages
  • Instant Invite: Easily include good friends to your voice server by sharing the Instant Invite link
  • Direct messages: Send one-to-one personal messages
  • Multiple server assistance: Manage all your video game chat groups in one customer
  • Organizable channels: Keep conversations on subject through structured interaction

What’s New:

  • Android variation upgraded to12611
  • Features
    • Voice Overlay is now readily available on all Android gadgets. It was readily available formerly and still is now. Checkmate grammarists.
    • Videos can now play inline in chat with and has a complete screen mode. Jokes about complete screens are tough. I’m a screen half complete person myself.
  • Bug Fixes
    • Even more keyboard bugs repaired!
    • Reconnecting to a voice call need to preserve soft state.
    • Some rotation crash repairs. You can securely do a snap roll now.
  • Added multi-stream desktop assistance. View several streams in servers, switch in between input and output without leaving the call, and close inactive video screens of non-streamers.
  • In a 2-for-1-video-improvement unique, you can now likewise screen share while video talking in DMs.
  • Added tiled emoji. This indicates you can make smooth emoji monstrosities utilizing lots of emoji like a horrendous, frightening puzzle.
  • Please, send your finest tiled emoji developments to our Twitter. @Discord
  • Improved image embeds by eliminating the link where proper, like when sending out GIFs through the GIF picker since absolutely nothing ruins a lovely GIF like seeing a link for haha-funny-gif/84329480 %34920348204 slapped above it.
  • Added a 1-hour alternative for Custom Status for when you’re feeling a specific method however understand you’ll be over it in the next59 minutes.
  • M4A files are now playable inline. Keep sharing your beats with your buddies; possibly you’ll make it into our next Very Cool Discord Community Playlist.
  • You’re now needed to enter your password prior to allowing 2FA so your little cousins Timmy and Tommy do not inadvertently lock you out of your account after you let them on your pc to play video games.
  • New Hypesquad Quiz. We’re progressing HypeSquad Houses with a brand-new test; it’s streamlined, contemporary, modern, initial, upgraded, insert thesaurus word here. The test now asks concerns that actually show what we believe it indicates to be brave, dazzling, and well balanced. Retake it or take it for the very first time and sign up with the HypeSquad in your User Settings.
  • You can now prune users with functions.
  • Removed the Call action when ideal clicking a bot. My nights simply got a bit lonelier …
  • Integration settings got an overhaul. Handle bots, webhooks, channel following, Twitch and YouTube combinations with our brand-new settings page.
  • You can now include your GitHub account to your profile.
  • You can now utilize text-to-speech on private messages. Hover the message you desire check out outloud and click the triple-dot fall menu and let our eager-to-please robotic help you.
  • What?! Mentions tab is developing. Congratulations, your Mentions Tab has actually progressed into an Inbox. Capture all your unreads, points out and pings in one box, and launch the ones you do not require into the wild.

Fixes and Updates

  • Fixed the voice detached nag bar. The X button wasn’t working, nor was the reconnect button working, which we uhh broke recently. You could not leave our Big Red Banner of Shame.
  • For Twitch Integrations, your Twitch Tier 2 and Tier 3 emotes are now just functional by users registered for those greater tiers.
  • The Windows System Tray > Discord icon > the Mute and Deafen alternatives didn’t do anything. Now they do.
  • We now inform you when you reach the 100 server limitation. No, we’re not going to raise the limitation ….

Recent Discord news

  • Discord is the current to take objective at harmful anti-vax material

  • Pretty fundamental today, however more will follow

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